Ysabella de Draguignan

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Ysabella de Draguignan
Resides: Barony of Dragonship Haven
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Azure, a peacock displayed and three fleur-de-lys argent
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Maunche Award of the Golden Lyre


I joined the Society in 2000, while living in Ann Arbor Michigan. When we moved to Pennsylvania I became more involved and found that illumination was especially a favorite of mine for which I was awarded the Order of the Maunche.

I enjoyed sculpting and working on small edible subtleties. When I moved to Connecticut I purchased a ceramic kiln longing to get back to that art which I enjoyed in my early years in college. I work primarily in luxury ceramic pieces of the 16th century, although my persona is earlier(1400s). My other interests include medieval gardening, cooking, daily life, and persona development. I am a lover of games, and am currently working on a set of playing cards


Ysabella was born 21 November, 1375. St. Saveur le Viscomte, Normandy, France born to Nicolas de Villarquemada (d 1380) and Bernice de Clarens (d 1386). Siblings include Iago (older brother, (d 1380), Esther (older sister), Adhemar de Villarquemada (older brother), Jean-Claude (older brother), Guillaime (older brother (d 1401)). She is married to Gerard D'Aigues-Mortes.

She was educated at Rouen in upper Normandy until she was sixteen. Her elder brother, Jean-Claude, arranged a marriage to Baron Gerard D’Aigues-Mortes in 1396 when she was then twenty, which united the largest southern and northern salt-making families and created a regional monopoly on salt. They have two children; Lillian and Michel. Ysabella was granted the title of Baronne de Draguignan by the King in 1403.

Persona development is a very important part of my involvement with the SCA. I offer articles in persona, and enjoy helping others flesh out their persona privately by email.

A day in the life of a minor 15th century Provencal Noblewoman

Letters in Persona

Offices & Positions

Former Chronicler for the Barony of Dragonship Haven.

Former Central Region Deputy-Clerk for EK Signet

Autocrat and Class Coordinator for 2010 All Things Scribal in Dragonship Haven

Co-Steward, Victuality-the Event 8/2013

Projects & Publications

Exhibitions and Competitions


Beginning Medieval Gardening

Intermediate Medieval Gardening

Medieval Gardening in an Urban Setting

History and Descriptions of Main Types of Gardens in Period

The Herbal Notebook of Ysabella de Draguignan

Glass Painting with Store bought Enamels

Medieval Interior Design

Beginning Calligraphy

Landscape illumination in style of Gaston Phoebus: specifically flora.

Gaston Phoebus book of the hunt General illumination and history

Persona development on a case by case basis and by email.


Award of Arms (2002)

Baronage (2003)

Grant of Arms (2003)

Maunche (2005)

Golden Lyre (2005) TRMs Thorvald and Svava

Golden Lyre (2009) TRMs Konrad II and Brenwen II

Queen's Honor of Distinction (2007) HRM Jana IV

Worshipful Company of Artificers (2015) Baronial Award for A&S Excellence

Dragonship Haven Baronial A&S Champion (2009)

One of the Five finalists for Kings and Queens A&S Champions 2013


Duchy von Grunwald

Maison Sainte Claire

Grande Compagnie de Sainte Claire

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Château Draguignan -Blog