Yeh-Liu Targai

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Lord Yeh-Liu Targai
Resides: Canton of Lions End, Crown Province of Ostgardr, East Kingdom
Status: Deceased
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Lord Yeh-Liu Targai Arms
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver RapierAward of ArmsQueen's Order of Courtesy


Lord Yeh-Liu Targai mka Eric Alan Coles. Note: the Asian tradition is that the surname is written first. So Targai is his given name and Yeh-Liu is his surname. A very early member of the SCA residing in the Crown Province of Ostgardr, and also an early member of the MSR, his original persona name was Etienne de Montfort, a French Cavalier. Having mundanely studied both eastern and western martial arts from the age of 11, and enlisted in the US Marine Corps at 17, he brought a formidable skill set to the combat lists. Lord Targai was married to Lady Aquilina_of_the_Sea_Cliffs in AS XXXVII.

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Yeh-Liu Targai, a brilliant statesman from Kara Khitai during the Liao Dynasty, has become the Grand Vizir to Ghengis Khan in a desperate effort to preserve his own people's lives and culture under the rule of the Mongol Khanate. He has employed his skills as a a most adroit and skilled swordsman, an archer, a martial artist and a diplomat, and for these reasons has gained the respect and trust of the Khan. As such, Kara Khitai (Black Cathay), where his generally peaceful people have settled after their defeat by both the Jurchens and the Mongols, has prospered as the westernmost trade center on the Silk Road.

Offices & Positions

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Lord Targai served as Fencing Champion of Ostgardr too many times to list. He also served as Marshal of Fence upon occasion and when he could be talked into "having a job". His gifts to the fencing world of the East earned him the Order of the Silver Rapier (Posthumous), East Kingdom, 12/13/2020 A member of the Society almost since it's inception who delighted in taking on holders of the Golden Rapier on the field and walking away with them scratching their heads and saying "who WAS that guy?!?" Although his prowess and friendly demeanor brought him a well earned reputation over time, it can safely be said that for the entirety of his association with the SCA, he was without peer. ;)

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However he did hold the rank of Knight in both the MSR/Acre and the live steel group, Historic Arms. He is seen here at the Cloisters / Fort Tryon Park Renaissance Faire in a live steel bout with his Chinese "terra cotta soldier" armor.

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At the Huntington Renaissance Faire in 1978 doing a live steel demo with Maestro Ramon Martinez of the Martinez Academy of Arms.

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