Yagaan Chinua

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Yagaan hosting a high persona event
Resides: Shire of Lyndhaven
Status: active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Favourite pastimes in the SCA have been creating scrolls, dancing, playing games and creating food items and of course meeting people and participating in any on stage presence when given the opportunity

Some of her favourite events have been GNEW and Beltains but she loves any event where there are children and fun activities and loves to be included in many things.

"I love doing art, and if there is any art at the event, I've love to come and I would love to get back into baking in sca kitchens"


Yagaan travels from the Mongol steppe

She chose her name to mean Purple Wolf

  • 2022, she is playing with the idea of a new persona from late 15th century Italy, Dolcetta Pellarius, making Yagaan a secondary persona.



  • Entered in the Tir Mara Championships (2015) Food (adult/all ages)
  • Entered in the Lyndhaven Championships (2016) Food (adult/all ages)
  • Took part in the Middleground bardic night (2017)

Event Staffing

  • Did some kitchen help at a few events
  • Hosted at Yagaan's Banquet (play-acting/persona role)


  • She has worked on some parts of an AoA, took part in the design process and painting of a "seamstress to the crown" scroll, as well as designing and illuminating the 2016 shire A&S championship scroll. She has also painted a small number of blanks for Kingdom.
  • Some photos of her work or works in progress: "Yagaan Chinua's Scribal Stuff" (flickr)
At Beltaines with toy chest critter

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