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Lady Xanthippe Ouranina, Greek persona of the 11th century, changed 3 years ago from Tiphaine de Montaigne which was held since 1987, though actually approved some years later by the College of Heralds.

Mundanely named Pamela Joy Fernsler, I was first introduced to the SCA in 1983 while living in southern California, in Burbank (9/1980 to 2/1/1986) The event was in the kingdom of Caid, a shogun-style event, and I was very impressed. A friend of mine made me a kimono from a bedsheet and matching pillowcases - she had a job in the entertainment business making costumes. Marilyn Taylor was her name.

When I returned to Pennsylvania, I located the local SCA group in Chambersburg, PA. I joined in March or April of 1986. There were only 3 people in the group, being bases on members from nearby colleges. The name of the group is Shire of Montevale, and I believe at the time it covered Franklin, Fulton, Cumberland and Juniata counties. At the time, Tamar Antoinette was MOAS for Montevale, according to an old "Seneschal's Migraine" a newsletter printed out by Montevale, dated March 16, 1986. According to this newsletter, a couple named Wolfgar of the Wood and Willow had banns posted for them; a troupe known as The Dawnfield Players, and new addresses for former Shire members Lorin and Belwain. An April "Migraine" welcomed two newcomers: Pam Tyrell (Chandella) and Pam Fernsler (Tifane).

In 1987 I became MOAS for Montevale, and left for Bhakail in August's end 1989. In the 3 years that I was with Montevale, the membership grew, and became more stable. Old records I have indicate I helped at demos; with a Royal Progress in 1989; arranged chess tournaments and children's activities, and set up A&S exibits. I was instrumental in finding an archery site, and we did a chirurgeon's collegium at which First Aid was taught and certificates given to five participants. There were no awards of any kind received during my time with Montevale.


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