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  • Order of the Crucible for Mael Eoin, 1/23/21

Ní dhéanann gaotha teo ar laethanta grianmhara neart a thástáil ná a réiteach. Déantar na brainsí a chroitheadh le gaotha dorcha, fuara. Is é an casúr is teo agus is troime a nochtann fíor-neart miotail. Le linn laethanta fearr agus na drochlaethanta, bhí an Barúntacht seo ag brath ar an Máistir Mael Eoin mac Echuidh a láithreacht socair i gcónaí. Chuaigh a eagraíocht, cumarsáid neamhshaolta, ceannaireacht, cairdeas, féastaí soghluaiste, agus a thiomantas dáiríre don Aisling i dteagmháil linn ní amháin Linn ach Gach Duine a théigh riamh ag teallach Bhakaili Mar sin faighimid i gceart agus i gcoír é a ainm a chur le hOrd an Bhreogáin, mar is é an sampla lonrach é a is miann linn againn. Arna dhéanamh lenár lámh féin i dteach tábhairne an Masc agus Franach ar an tríú lá is fiche d’Eanáir, AS LV

Warm breezes on sunny days do not test strength or resolve. It is the dark, cold winds that shake the branches. It is the hottest heat and heaviest hammer that reveals metal’s true strength. During the good times and the bad times, this Barony has relied on the steady presence of Máistir Mael Eoin mac Echuidh. His organization, ethereal communications, leadership, friendship, mobile feasts, and true dedication to the dream have touched not only Us, but All who have ever warmed themselves at the Bhakili hearth. Therefore we find it right and just that we add his name to the Order of the Crucible, as he is the shining example we aspire to.

  • Order of the Harlequin for the Foxy Bard 01/23/21

A cold wind howls throughout the Barony Bhakhail Separating the people, sheltering in their homes Spreading misery and plague across the land Rising to meet this threat, a song sung sweetly by the Foxy Bard His voice overpowering Boreas to gladden hearts And the smell of his teaching kitchen shrinking the space between us For these valiant efforts in keeping the flame of Salamander bright And for the magnitude of his skill Do we, Baron Muin, induct David Anthony into our order of the Harlequin. Done my our hand the 23rd of January, AS 55

  • Order of the Pasgaurde 06/23/19

Warriors of Bhakail, take heed. Among you stands one who eschews the safety of the shield, but cuts a bloody swath across the battlefield with glaive and spear. Time and again does the valor of Yamamori of Anglesey reach our ears, his praises sung by his equals. Therefore are we, Baron Rowen of Bhakail, moved to add his name to those Bhakaili who have distinguished themselves on list fields and induct him into our Order of the Pasgaurde at the Barional Champions and Commons, June the 23rd, Anno Societas 54.

  • Queen's rattan champion for Fortune

Rejoice and be glad, beloved residents of the East For this day *name* has been named Fortune’s Champion Swift and skilled is the blade That keeps the Queen’s Peace and Tranquility Take heart loyal citizens, who uphold our prosperity And know that our champion, through grace of arms Keeps our honor well defended Our grace is born by *name* A true testament to the courtesy of all Tygers

  • King's rattan champion for Ozurr

Let the enemies of Ozurr quake with fear and dismay For this day *name* has been named his Champion. No broken blade, no shattered shield, no torn tabard Can keep Ozurr’s champion from enforcing the King’s Order So beware, any who would besmirch the honor of the throne of the East And know that our champion is relentless in pursuit of our Justice Our wrath is born by *name* A true testament to the prowess of all Tygers

  • Silver Wheel for Nancy Alyn 05/04/19

Courtesy and kind welcome are how our kingdom continues to flourish. In Caer Adamant, it is the warm smile of Lady Nancy Alyn that puts our newest subjects at ease. Those seeking to find our Society are welcomed by Lady Nancy’s designs, and our communications enabled by her work as Webminister for the Shire. Not satisfied with admirably performing these functions for Caer Adamant, she has also taken on the daunting task of Webminister for the Kingdom Exchequer. This dedication to both Shire and Kingdom has reached our ears and moved us. Therefore do we induct the Lady Nancy Alyn into the Order of the Silver Wheel. Done this day of May the Fourth Anno Societas LIV. By our hand, Ozurr and Fortune

  • Order of the Harlequin for Girsell Macleoid 12/8/19

Aegir called upon Saint Brigid on the highlands. He challenged the venerable patron to find a single brewer who could craft a worthy beer and braggot, cyser and sack. With much joy did she find a most excellent champion among the mazers and the vintners. Lady Girsell MacLeoid produced such prestigious and plentiful potent potables that all, from Bes to Siduri, were sated. Whenever Salamander sits parched, she arrives with the finest concoctions for the enjoyment of many. It is therefore right that we induct her into our Order of the Harlequin at our Yule Revel XL, December the Eighth Anno Societas LIII, by decree of Rowen Cloteworthy, Baron of Bhakail

  • Order of the Harlequin for Jibril ibn Ámmar al-Fayyad 11/01/20

The Baronial plate sat empty, barren as the fields in winter. As we pondered what to eat, the memory of a scent reached our nose. The joys of meats rubbed with spices and roasted to perfection brought a smile to our lips. All the delights of Anadlusia danced in our mind while our stomach rumbled. While the viral seige has emptied our larder, our mind harkens to what was, and what shall again be. While our fast remained unbroken, our mind recognized the skill and dedication of he who brought deliciousness. Therefore, with a full heart (yet empty stomach) do we name Jibril ibn 'Ammar al-Fayyad to the Order of the Harlequin at the Bhakail UnCommons Behind the Ramparts, the first Day of November Anno Societas LV. Baron Muin

  • Silver Martlet for Ciaran O'Tarpa 03/14/19

The drums of war echo throughout Iron Bog, be it the summer drums of the Great Pennsic War or the autumnal beats of River War. Brave though our warriors be, they cannot lay waste to our foes without a proper camp to rest their weary heads. A proper breakfast and the magical elixir of coffee ensures our victory on the field of battle. For these services, and uncountable other tasks done behind the scene for many years, do we, Baron Declan Gobha and Baroness Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin grant the Silver Martlet unto Ciaran O’Tarpa, our beloved Armour Breaker.

Done by our glorious hands the 14th day of March Ano Societas LIV

  • Order of the Sable Martlet for Tachibana No Hiomasa 10/19/19

Many are the duties of a Baroness, and her loyal retainers help her fufill them with grace and aplomb. A good retainer brings a Baroness the things she asks for. A great retainer provides the things that haven't yet been thought of. A good retainer will help clean the Baronial chambers. A great retainer cares for the personal effects of a Baroness run ragged in joyous service to her Barony. Therefore do we induct our great retainer Tachibana No Hiomasa into the Order of the Sable Martlet. So decreed 19th day of October, Anno Societas LIV, during our great River Wars.

Baron Declan Gobha and Baroness Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin

  • Thrown Weapon champion 07/20/19

The oak leaves of our shire encircle the laurel wreath, as the rings of the target encircle the bull's eye. A true heart leads to a true aim. With knife and axe and spear *winner* has proven incredible skill with thrown weapons, besting all challengers at the Novice Day gathering in Rusted Woodlands, the Twentieth of July, AS LIV.

  • Harlequin for Iriniia Mieszkowna 06/23/19

A sparrow stole a bright shiny jewel from a traveling merchant, holding it aloft to share its brilliance near and far. Wherever the sparrow flew, beauty, light and laughter followed. Happy are we for this jewel named Iriniia Mieszkowna, whose steady hand and keen eye have adorned many awards. As her artistry brings joy to our subjects, We feel it fitting to bring joy to her. On this day do We, Baron Rowen of Bhakail, induct Iriniia into our Order of the Harlequin. Done by my hand at the Baronial Champions and Commons, the twenty-third of June, Anno Societas 54

  • Silver Brooch for Baroness Mari Clock van Hoorne 05/04/19

An artist without a muse is a sad thing, lonely and frustrated. A muse without an artist is forlorn and rudderless. How lucky are we that we find one who is both? With nimble fingers and a keen eye, Baroness Mari Clock van Hoorne weaves narrow work worthy of renown. But beyond her own weavings and cords, she serves the Arts and Sciences with grace and dignity. Her passion inspires others as she leads the Worshipful Company of Narrowworkers and serves both the Shire of Caer Adamant and the Barony Bhakail. Foolish would we be to not recognize her as both muse and artist. Therefore do we induct her into the Order of the Silver Brooch. Done by our hand at the Spring Crown tournament, May the Fourth Anno Societas 54. Ozzur and Fortune

  • Order of the Horse for Alanna of Rivenstar 12/08/18

As a gardener tends his garden, so too a Baron tends his Barony. When the garden bears fruit, we are moved to recognize it. Since she was but a sprout, we have observed Lady Alanna of Rivenstar work tirelessly and thanklessly to make our events and demos happen. Therefore we are moved to recognize this blossom of Bhakail. Proudly do we induct her into the Order of the Horse at our Yule Revel this December the Eighth, Anno Societas LIII by our own hand, Rowen of Bhakail

  • Court Baron for Kaximir of Ostgardr 10/05/19

Beyond Valor, beyond Wit, a court is bound by Fidelity and Friendship. No foe do we fear while our court remains true. No evil can shackle our hearts while the bonds of friendship keep us free. We, the dread Rei Luis and the fair Reina Margarita are blessed with many friends. Yet there remains one true friend who sits outside our court. Stand proudly, our dearest Kazimir of Ostgardr. Without your introduction, we would not even know this Society. Without your inspiration, we would not have ascended to our thrones. Therefore we are moved to name you Baron of our court and grant you arms to be known wherever the banner of the East flies. Azure, two keys in saltire, wards to base, each rod terminating in a wolf's head cabossed, all Or, surmounted by a sword palewise proper, a chief chequy sable and argent. Done by our hands the fifth of October Anno Societas LIV at our Coronation