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Lord William the Mysterious. 2 AOAs (someone forgot to write the first one in the OP)(y'all could give me a 3rd one, if you want, just for shtick & giggles)

20+ years in. My how the time flies.

Thrown Weapons Marshal since Pennsic 31. For many years, the only one for a 3-hour drive in any direction. Central Region West, as I call it.

Do some backsmithing. Do some Lampwork. Want something melted, I can be your guy. Or something set on fire. Rain is no object.

Persona- 14th Century. Ish. Mysterious. Thought perhaps to be English.

Official Thrown Weapons Marshal for Shire of Anglespur. Dates for that- a while. Really not sure.

Thrown Weapons MIC. At.... I have no clue how many events over the years. Hunter's Moon, War of the Rose's, NRWC, the first wholly Thrown Weapons based event. Others, I think.

Projects & Publications

Random melty & bangy projects, involving fire, glass, metal and wood, as and when desired. Pretty sure I've never published anything other than a site map.

How you would like to be notified in case of court?

Preferably not while in the moment where I might blow some painful beverage out my nose.

More Information

Then I wouldn't be Mysterious.....