Who Here Knows

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A speech given to the Eastern Army and allied forces by Diomedes Sebastianus prior to the 1st field battle at the final Battle of Bright Hills (Kingdom Crusades) where the Kingdom of the East and the Kingdom of Atlantia met in martial contest. It was later printed in the December 2007 Pikestaff.

Who Here Knows

Who here knows courage?
Who here knows courage??

In sooth,
every gauntlet should be thrust high,
and every voice sounding "Aye" till the very thundering of it echoes off the Blackstones!
For I know the blood that courses through this army...

The valiant,
the true,
the blue blood of the tyger that beats within the very heart of courage!

Such does our masters great pride,
and our consorts joyous elation at the abilities.

Every pike,
every glave,
every axe, maul, and sword
is wielded here by a titan.

Every shield I see: blazoned with greatness.

Every tabard,
every plume,
every mantle: the trappings of epic heroes.
The trappings of the East.

Let the sky roar and the very mountains tumble upon us,
I say this army will not be stirred from it course.
Upon these Eastern lines, our foes will find naught but their own ruin.
They will find their defeat.
They will find the pain, so carefully crafted,
and affectionately known in the Empire,
as the "the Army of the East"!

Now Captains,

order the ranks and unfurl our banners, brave upon the sky.
Let every soldier on this field loose the full might of the Tyger.
Let your deeds this day be a feast for the bards!

your souls belong to God,
your bodies to the King,
and your swords for St Michael and the East!

© Mattyd