We Are the East

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{{#ev:youtube|h258rgAc0Z4|400|right|Sung by Drake Oranwood and Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaoláin}}

Drake Oranwood composed this anthem for the East Kingdom in 2016, and it was featured in 2017's Sing for the East as a duet with Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaoláin, who was one of many inspirations.

The lyrics came from conversations with denizens of the East across an array of different passions and interests. The opening and closing lines, in particular, are based on images offered by Kenric æt Essex.

More details about the song are available Drake Oranwood's website.

The recording and the album are available on Bandcamp.


We Are The East

© 2016 words and music by Eric Schrager

In the sunrise, we march through the fog on the field

’Til your eye sees the bold Eastern banner revealed.

There’s a clamor arising from each sword and shield,

And we roar as we enter the fray.

Though on this day our forces are dwarfed by the foe,

We are Tygers united with valor to show,

Every warrior defending our realm, blow for blow.

Win or lose, they’ll remember this day.

We are the fighters. We are the makers.
We are in service, preparing the feast.
We are the elders. We are the children.
We are all family, for we are the East.

In the work of our hands, and the work of our hearts,

Shaping glass, shaping metal and thread to our arts.

We are learning, then teaching, all playing our parts

To bring all of our crafts to new heights.

As we sit round the fire, singing old songs and new

And our voices combine, whether many or few,

There’s a bond we create that feels hallowed and true

To sustain us on long winter nights. (CH)

For the long months we plan, putting work before fun,

For each pot that we scrub, for each list that we run,

Be we cook, be we Royal, we do what needs done

For the splendor that must be arrayed.

We researched our designs: are the letters just right?

Scratching ink into scroll, working late in the night,

’Til the gasp from the court as it catches the light

Marks a memory that won’t ever fade. (CH)

We remember the times we each felt so alone

Though we lived in a kingdom that we’d never known.

Now we’ve found it, embraced it, and made it our own,

And we’re bound here by so many ties.

It’s remarkable now to discover that we’re

Each a part of this tapestry, that much is clear.

In these moments of joy, we fly back through the years

And the centuries fade from our eyes. (CH x 2)