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The East is a War Kingdom

For near 50 years the armies of the East have banded together to wage glorious battle against their most worthy rival The Dragon (Middle Kingdom).

The East prides itself on training discipline, prowess, and tactic in warfare to secure victory in conflict. The War College of the East functions to determine the over all doctrine by which the East wages war, this creates the framework by which the Tyger armies are built and develops the over-all strategicon of the kingdom.

As a resource the War College streamlines command language, formation, drills and instructions utilized in scenarios the Armies of the East shall face.

The War time Leaders of the East Kingdom make up The Cadre of the Golden Tyger; a branch of the War College selected by the crown for each war. The Cadre consists of the Kingdom Warlord, The Armored General, the Rapier General and the command staff the Warlord and Generals shall require to secure victory. (If points are on the line someone is responsible to earn them)

Upon establishing the conventions of each coming war the Cadre of the Golden Tyger select from Eastern armies their most strategic minds to develop battle tactics for the season for each scenario. Once a strategy is developed it is disseminated through the chain of command downward to the entire Tyger Corps for all armies. (See East Kingdom Army Command)

The East Kingdom War College is overseen by the Strategos of the War College affectionately referred to as Dean of the College

Those Who serve as a Warlord or General of the East are offered a position within The Cadre of the Sabertooth which serves to recommend future Warlords and Generals to the Crown as well as exist as counsel.

Major Contributors Include its founder Master Feral Von Halstern, Duke Lucan von Drachenklaue, Sir Arnwulf Aethelreding as well as many others.

Officers of the East Kingdom
Offices: Crown, Arts & Sciences, Chatelaine, Chronicler, Exchequer, Herald, Lists, Marshal, Seneschal, Signet, Webminister, Youth

Officer Groups: College of Heralds, Pikestaff, University, War College
Other Information: Kingdom Law, Greater Officers of State, Lesser Officers of State

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