Virtuous Woman of the East

From EastKingdomWiki

Written by Toki Redbeard in October of A.S. 44. The verse form is kvithuhattr.

Clean the heart and clear the voice
of bright kin of claw-dragon,
filling hall with fiendish tales.
Also sweet songs do echo

from this small friend of poems.
Oft I praise her potent muse—
Odin’s wine eager pouring.
While pouring, wonder I—

If ‘neath muse murder lurking.
Can her heart the cleanest be?
Mothers trust troubadors not!
Could this birch break the peace and

Would she spit with spear her foes?
With axe fell the oaks of feud?
If need comes, a corpse to hide?
A foul crime, to cover up?

Bearing to boulder of law
false witness, a friend to aid?
Not ever. Elm of virtue—
East’s finest is fair and true.

Still I wonder if winsome gleam
in brow’s moons does mischief show?
Or brief flicker of fire’s lighting
which twinkles in the tune-smith’s eyes.

© Michael Dixon