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Lady Violante Valeriano
Resides: Barony of Bhakail
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Lady Violante Valeriano, native to the East, first began participating in SCA activities in Carolingia. She was a member of the Felding Medieval Society (the SCA chapter of Wellesley College in Wellesley, MA). While fencing at university, Violante attended local Carolingia rapier practices.

Violante first officially joined the SCA around 2010 while living in Trimaris. She had been a mundane Olympic-style sport fencer since the spring of 2001, and she first authorized in rapier in Trimaris in 2010 while studying under the tutelage of Baron Don Seamus of Sea March, the head of her previous household, Haus der Kameraden "House of Friends" (which is centered in the Shire of Sea March in Trimaris).

During her time in Trimaris, she also periodically attended heavy weapons practices in the Shire of the Ruins and in the Shire of Sangre del Sol. She also fenced at many kingdom events.

While a resident of the Shire of Sangre del Sol, Violante wrote two plays for SCA performance: the first, based on Chaucer's "The Knight's Tale" was performed at Sangre del Sol's first "Pageantry of the Sun: A Pas d'Armes" event which was held in January 2011; the second play, based on Ariosto's epic poem "Orlando Furioso," and which is entitled "For Love and Honor" may have yet to be performed. The play and was gifted to Sangre del Sol late in 2011 as Violante was moving out of the shire. Along with a stack of scripts, Violante provided all of the production props for the play, which she herself had created so that the play could be entertainment at an upcoming Pas d'Armes.

Although she did not fight in Sangre del Sol's 2011 Pas d'Armes (in Trimaris), Violante took the lyst field twice between combat rounds to perform speeches from Shakespeare's Henry V. She was honored heartfelt thanks and with a bracelet from the Queen's own wrist.

Violante relocated back to her native East Kingdom in 2012, where she at last connected with and became a member of her home shire, the Shire of Buckland Cross. Since her re-authorization in rapier in the East, she has filled her rapier card and has been serving as a rapier MIT since late in 2012. She also received her heavy weapons authorization in sword/shield in the summer of 2015.

Violante was granted an Award of Arms at Shire Wars in 2015 in recognition for service in assisting with the instruction of rapier and, in particular, for inspiring fellow female fencers.

Violante auditioned for the Known World Players at Pennsic 44 and will be playing Kastril in Ben Jonson's The Alchemist at this upcoming Pennsic 45. She hopes to become more active in the bardic community and would love to join or found an acting troupe focused on the production of original period-modeled plays. In addition to her two plays (so far), she has written poetry in the SCA. She is also a self-taught artist seeking formal instruction in illumination.


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