Duchy Von Drachenklaue

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VDK marches to battle, Pennsic 39
Status: Active
The Tagma of VDK
Award Badges
Consort's Cypher Blue Tyger Legion


  • "Fides, Aequitas, Veritas" (Faith, Truth, Justice)
  • "Amicitia es non a obduco vicis" (Friends are not a hobby)


Lucan Dux of VDK.
  • The Duchy Von Drachenklaue, or VDK, is a confederation of many separate households (or Hauses) that have united under the house of Duke Lucan and Duchess Yana Von Drachenklaue. Most (not all) of the Sub Hauses have adopted the green/white/black of the "tagma" as their field device, and fight as a formidable unit as part of the 1st Division of the EK's Northern Army. Members of VDK can be found from Maine to California to Texas and Florida, though most are settled in the Kingdom of the East.

Duchy Orders

  • Order of the Buccelari, (Service/Fighting) a house veteran of foreign wars.
  • Order of the Cataphract, (Appearance) unbelts who display authenticity in armour. The principals were Artorius and Diomedes.
  • Order of the Equites, (Alumni) member of Chivalry who was a previously a member of the Order of the Cataphract. The principal was Artorius.
  • Order of the Bell (Service) those who create and donate a day-board for the Duchy.
  • Order of Feral (Service) service and dedication to the running of the Duchy. The principals were Caoilfhionn and DeVos.
  • Order of Balfar (Fighting) dedication as a warrior to the Duchy. The principal was Dunkin.
  • Order of Polaris (Leadership) - exceptional leadership within the Duchy. The principal was Brennan.
  • Order of LeNoir (A&S) for recognition of the Arts and Sciences - The principal was Khatife.

Duchy Awards

  • The gift of the Amber (Service award) voted on by all peers in residence at Pennsic. It is to recognize those who go above and beyond to help set up camp in the first week of Pennsic.
  • The gift of the Swan’s Grace – to recognize those who go out of their way to show and promote courteous and chivalrous behavior. (Token – a silver feather)

Duchy Traditions

  • Hus Ringa

Duchy Relics

  • The Horn of Valor given to the combatant on the field at Pennsic, having done a heroic deed, that most was discussed throughout the year. This honor was first given to Karl, for his Elf like ability to dance over the head and shield of the men in line while slaying many foes.

Hauses of the Duchy

Ordines Lucani Cataphractae (Order of the Cataphract)

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Blue Tyger Legion


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