Vǫlva-Kaðlín knutr

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Photo Credit to Brenden Cane
Resides: Barony of Smoking Rocks
Awards: Order of Precedence
Argent, a winged hart’s head affronty erased purpure and a ford proper.
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch


I am Vǫlva-Kaðlín Knutr. You could call me Kadlin or Kat for short. I dabble, the best word for it, in everything that piques my interest. I enjoy fiber arts, lampwork, metalwork, divination, and spell casting. I want to learn all the things!


Kaðlín grew up like any child on the Irish shores playing and causing trouble in her small Norse village. As she grew older she started to learn to spin yarn and weave which she loved to do. When she wasn’t at the loom she was watching the village seeress. Kaðlín was enchanted by the rituals the woman would do and amazed at the herbal remedies she would make.One night, Kaðlín dreamt that she was in a field with soft gold grass. She chased butterflies and found a kitten and a piglet. She went to scoop them up in her arms when there was a massive boom of war drums. She turned with the creatures in her arms guarding them. She saw a woman smiling and another crash of the drums woke Kaðlín. She screamed Freya’s name as she jolted up in bed. She ran to the seeress in the predawn hours and told her of the dream. The seeress told her that she had the same dream as a child and that it was a sign from the gods that she was to be the next seeress. The old woman explained that the dream was a test, many ran from the drums leaving the baby animals to fend for themselves. Those that guarded them were blessed by the goddess Freya since the animals were sacred to her. For protecting the babies, Kaðlín was gifted a seed of power to see fate and heal. From that point on she was the seeress’ apprentice.She learned the magic and fortune telling and healing herbs and potions. She worked hard to grow that seed into its full potential. She would weave protection spells into the belts she would make for the village fighters and baby blankets alike. This was unique to her and many came from miles away for these charms. In many cases she will trade a charm or salve for lessons on a new craft. She has learned many things this way including making glass beads and jewelry. She eventually earned her Vǫlva staff and her mistress spot in the village once she passed on.

Kaðlín spends her days spinning wool and gathering herbs in the surrounding land. She watches for signs of good fortune or war. She preforms the rituals to tell fortunes of crops and marriages alike and waits for the next girl to guard kittens and piglets in her dreams.


Order of the Silver Brooch- Given at Northern War Camp, June 2023

Order of the Loadstone- Given for service to the Barony of Smoking Rocks, Vinland Raids June 2023

Order of the LeNoir- Given at VDK Haus Circle, August 2022

Event Staff

  • A&S Coordinator, Vineland Raids: Champion of Champions Competition, Barony of Smoking Rocks, June 2023
  • Merchant and Class Coordinator, The Canterbury Campaign ~ Smoking Rocks Investiture ~ K&Q RATTAN CHAMPIONSHIP, June 2019

Offices & Positions

  • Chronicler, Barony of Smoking Rocks, November 2023-Present
  • Webminister, Barony of Smoking Rocks, December 2023-Present

Projects & Publications

In Case of Court

In case of court, I would like to be aware that I will be called but do not need to know for what. Please reach out to my husband, Gudporn inn irski, and my Laurel, Mistress Saerlaith ingen Chennetig(aka Clodagh) so they may make sure I am in my finest. For Scribes and Heralds, my pronouns are She/Her. Also the proper spelling of my name is Vǫlva-Kaðlín Knutr. For the heralds, my name is pronounced Vil-va Kath-Lynn Noo-Ter

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