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Behind the scenes

Ideas for activity topics

Activity pages for things like Armored Combat, Period Games or Target Archery can include a lot of information about the topic. Below are some possible things to include.

  • Historical Context
  • Activities
  • Groups
  • Authorization Forms
  • Awards
  • Marshallate
  • Bibliographies
  • More Information

Admin Tasks

  • Approve new users
  • Patrol recent changes

Approving New Users

Duplicate Account Email Text

If a user account is requested by someone who already has an account, we reject the request and send the email text as below (filling in their old user name and associated email address). The user name can be found by seeing what links to their persona page. The email address can be found using Special:UserCredentials and their user name.


You already have an account on the wiki.

Your old user account name is: 
The email address associated with your account is: 

The wiki can reset your password at:

In Service,
  Michel Wolffauer 

Welcome Email Text

If a user account is requested, and the email address confirmed, then the account is created with the user info set to a redirect to their persona page (Ex: #REDIRECT [[Michel Wolffauer]]) and the below message in the email. Create their persona page using the populace boiler plate.


Please let me know if you have any questions or run into any problems.  If the name on your populace page is incorrect, please use the Move tab at the top to rename it.

- Michel Wolffauer

EK Wiki hints:

Unconfirmed Account Email Text

When an account has not been confirmed after a few days, I email them the following message. In addition to checking on their request, it lets me test their email address. If the address doesn't work for some reason, then they will never be able to receive their password, so the request is deleted. If they don't respond within a week, the request is deleted. In either case, they can always request an account again later.


I noticed that you had started the process for getting an account on the EK Wiki, but didn't finish.  You 
should have received an email from the Wiki to confirm your email address. (Possibly got put in your spam 
folder?) After confirming your address I would get a notice to activate your account.  

Are you still interested in an account?  If so, I will go ahead and active it.

In Service, 

Class notes

This is a collection of information I wish more wiki users knew.

New Accounts

  • When requesting an account, check your spam folder for the email to confirm your email address (gmail addresses especially). If the wiki can't send you an email, it can't send you your login information and we can't create an account.
  • Authorizing accounts is a manual step after your email is confirmed. It is usually done within a day, but may take longer if folks are away from their computers.

Page Editing

  • If you need to correct the spelling for the title of a page, use the Move tab at the top of the page. It may ask you if you want to leave a redirect behind - in most cases you will not need to. Move is also used to change the name on your page. (What we don't want are folks creating new pages and "blanking" the old one).
  • Please use the Preview option. Each time you save your page it creates a new history entry for the page. Every change to every page is manually reviewed at some point. The more people use Preview, and the less they use Save, the easier/quicker it is to review everything.
  • When linking to other pages or including images - capitalization counts just as much as spelling. jpg is not the same as JPG or Jpeg.

Uploading files

  • Please use the "Destination filename" field give your file a reasonable and personal name. IMG_43826.jpg is not a good name. MyDevice.gif is not a good name. The Move tab can also be used to rename a file.
  • Please use the "Summary field" give your file a category.

Common categories

Other categories

Useful Features

  • The Gallery tag
File:file_name.ext|caption|alt=alt language
File:file_name.ext|caption|alt=alt language

Gallery help

  • The PDF tag
<pdf width="600px" height="600px">Class_IntroToMeadMaking.pdf</pdf>

This also allows a PDF from anywhere to be embedded by putting in the full URL. e.g.


but some browsers or browser extensions may block embedding objects this way.

  • The Poem tag
<poem>There once was a man from Nantucket 
Who kept all his cash in a bucket. 
:But his daughter, named Nan, 
::Ran away with a man 
And as for the bucket, Nantucket</poem>

All newlines are preserved by converting them into <br /> tags
The block of text is enclosed in <p>...</p> tags (as well as a div of class "poem")
Colons at the beginning of a line are converted into 1 em indentation
Spaces at the beginning of a line are preserved and no longer invoke the <pre> tag

Scratch Pad

There once was a man from Nantucket
Who kept all his cash in a bucket.
But his daughter, named Nan,
Ran away with a man
And as for the bucket, Nantucket