Uaine as Ar n-Eilean-ne

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Me(short Lady) my daughter Life and Lord Tynan
Resides: Ruantallan
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Heraldry Needed
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch


I am an early period Scadian who is a proud Scribe and enthusiastic Archer. I found the SCA in 2016 in Avonmore where I was lent a bow on my first day and lent a calligraphy pen within my first few months. I have sense traveled east to Ruantallan where I continue to enjoy my medieval journey.


7/8th century Irish Woman


I am scribe of the east and create scrolls for the Kingdom and my local groups. I love building a scroll from start to finish based on the tales of the recipient or the theme of an event.

I sew all my families garb and have recently started weaving.

I teach at times and have held the following classes at least once; Quill Making Beginner Calligraphy Illumination activities for kids

I had held the Exchequer position in the Canton of Seashore during the plague and hope to serve in Curia again someday.

I had previously been a Archery MIT in Avonmore and intend to do so again. I also am a beginner fletcher and currently ranked as a marksman on the EK archery rankings.

In Case of Court

I prefer to be surprised however if information is sought after please contact Martin Nutcrusher or Tynan Mor as Ar n-Eilean-ne

Scribal Work

My First Scroll a Troubadour for Ce'Or of Glenwood in 2017

Troubadour for Ce'Or of Glenwood

Late period style Iceberg Scroll with Vinework Capital and "repair" stitching

Iceberg Scroll for Veridiana done in 2019

Baronial Map of Ruantallan

20191203 200143.jpg

Order of the Iceberg Scrolls (A Ruantallan Barony Level Award) for Cornelia Von DeBrugg

Iceberg Award.jpg

Ruantallan Rapier Championship Scroll 2021


Silver Wheel for Magnus


Silver Tyger for Feargus MacCailin in 2022

Feargus MacCailin Backlog Silver Tyger .jpg

Silver Tyger for Motte Nachfalter in 2022