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Following a Page

So you'd like to keep track of a page in the wiki. Maybe notice when someone digs up and adds an old newsletter or a new picture of armor. Maybe you like seeing maps of the Kingdom. Maybe you just want to see what Peter the Red's latest project is. Maybe you want to see when someone updates the Stonemarche page.

You could bookmark each of them and check once in a while. Or you can follow any page and the wiki itself will send you an email when a change has been made. Better still, it'll give you a link to a page showing the differences between the old and new version of the page, so you don't have to memorize each version to find out what has been updated.

All you have to do is go to the page you want to track, then go up towards the top of the page. Find the star icon (Usually between "View History" and "More..."). Click on that to add the page to your own personal watchlist. Want to see an overview of what is on your watchlist? Click the 'Watchlist" link in the top right corner, or go to Special:Watchlist. There you can see changes to pages you are following, and edit the watchlist (also at Special:EditWatchlist).