Sebastien Daundelin

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Resides: Seashire, Ruantallan, Tir Mara
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence

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Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms


Sebastien. Brand new, June AS 53.


15th-ish c English, from outside London. Dilettante in the extreme.

In Case of Court

I would love to be surprised in Court. If surprise won't be feasible for whatever reason, I would love an in-character/RP/schticky way of being notified.


I'm interested a lot of A&S: apothecary and herbalism, cooking, calligraphy and illumination, book and voice heraldry. I have a deep love of pageantry and schtick, and welcome any and all invitations to participate in that sort of thing. In terms of combat, I'm interested in archery, rapier, and cut-and-thrust. Heavy combat not so much, pain hurts.

Event Staff

  • The Iberian Reception ASLVII
    • Kitchen staff
  • Ruantallan 12th Night ASLVI
    • Kitchen staff
  • Ruantallan Baronial Investiture Anniversary ASLVI
    • Co-Event Steward, Feast Steward
  • Ruantallan Baronial Investiture Anniversary & East Kingdom University ASLIV
    • Kitchen staff

Positions held

  • Baronial Herald, Ruantallan (September AS LVII - )
  • OP Webminister, East Kingdom (March AS LVI - )

Awards and Honours

  • AoA, Ruantallan, The Iberian Reception AS LVII (awarded by Ryouko'jin and Indrakshi, Sovereigns of the East Kingdom)
  • Queen of Tarts, Ruantallan 12th Night AS LVI (awarded due to no other entries...)
  • Hawkwind Award, Ruantallan 12th Night AS LVI (awarded by Perceval and Admiranda, Their Excellencies Ruantallan)