Guðþorn inn irski

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Photo Credit to Brenden Cane
Resides: Barony of the Bridge/Barony of Smoking Rocks
Awards: Order of Precedence

Per pale vert and argent, a stag's head affronty erased and a chaplet of thorns counterchanged, a bordure sable
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Tyger


I am Gudporn inn Irski. You can call me Thorn for short.


I grew up on the shores of Ireland. I would spend my youth running the in the woods and hunting small game. As I grew I went for bigger game and learned to fight with sword and shield. I joined the other fighters in my village when called. When I was not fighting, I am hunting and traveling to trade meat, hides, and other finds from the surrounding woods and fields. I traveled to a village one day and heard that the local seeress needed a few items and willing to trade for a few charms or remedies. I went to the little hut that was so covered in herbs and plants that you could barley tell there was a hut there. When the woman came out I was at a loss for words and fumbled a trade for some leather and bones in exchange for a woven belt with a protective charm on it. From that I made it a point to stop at that but as often as possible and eventually married her.


Order of the Silver Tyger- Given at Northern War Camp, June 2023

Order of the Loadstone- Given for service to the Barony of Smoking Rocks, Vinland Raids June 2023

Duchy Von Drachenklaue Awards

Order of the Feral

Gift of the Amber

Order of Balfar

Order of the Buccelari

Offices & Positions

Queen's Guard for Caoilfhionn IV

Event Staff

Participated with set up and running of The Canterbury Campaign ~ Smoking Rocks Investiture ~ K&Q RATTAN CHAMPIONSHIP, June 2019

Projects & Publications

Currently constructing new armor to take to the field. There are other projects that include bladesmithing and leatherwork with others in the wings.

In Case of Court

I would like my wife, Volva-Kadlin Knutr, to be notified in case of court. She can be reached by phone or email. For Heralds or Scribes to know my persona's gender identity is He/Him. My name is pronounced Guth-Thorn In Ir-ski.

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