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I'm always happy to help out, but please take note of these communications policies that help me help you.

Always Send an Email

Even if you have communicated with me by some other means, if you need me to do something for you, please always follow-up with an email to my EK member account (begins with "223686"). Include all of the details even if we already talked about them. Include a directive - re-iterate exactly what it is you need me to do, including when and where.

I recommend that you first write the email and send it, and then reach out to me by alternate means - I can then read your email and ask any follow-up questions right away.

If you talk to me in person about something, always assume that I will not remember the bulk of it.. because I will most likely not remember the bulk of it.

Questions are Okay via Non-Email

If you don't need me to take any action, you just need information that I can provide right away, alternate means of communication are okay. That would include chat apps, Slack, Discord, social media, etc.

No Unannounced Phone Calls

If you would like to have a verbal conversation over telephone or video call, that is fine, but please reach out to me by another means of communication first to ask if it's a good time for a call.

A lot of the work that I do requires concentration and focus, and phone calls are too disruptive. If you place too many unannounced phone calls when it's not an emergency, what will happen is I will set my phone so that calls from you do not ring, and you will be forced to leave a message every time.

Requests for Information Posting/Broadcasting Assistance

If you need information sent to an email list or other discussion group for which I am a moderator[1], I can do that for you. Such requests should clearly define the text that is to be sent as well as who I should say the information is being sent on behalf of and how they may be reached. I will not post mundane names, personal email addresses, or telephone numbers without a signed release (provided or on file, using the Society Standard Form) from that information's owner.

The text to be sent should be fully-formed; I should be able to copy and paste it right into a new message. It should be:

  • tailored to the audience
  • written in complete sentences
  • broken into logical paragraphs when necessary
  • use ordered or unordered lists where appropriate
  • include full details about the location, time, sponsoring branch, etc.

If you are supplying an attachment that holds the full details, please still include a summary I can paste into the message body. If you are including any images, please also include the alt-text for them.

Branch Announcement lists are the public face of a branch and communications that go through them should reflect that.

Seneschals of branches and event stewards sending official announcements may send notices directly to the mailing list address, where they will be temporarily held for approval. Please write a brand new message rather than forwarding someone else's message. Please send the message using your Seneschal email address or an address used by your branch for event stewards (example:

  1. Moderated Lists: Owlsherst Announcements, Owlsherst Discussion