Unofficial Order of the Carrot

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Vert, a bunny rabbit statant affronty argent charged on the paw with a carrot gules
Award Information
Type: Unofficial Award
Founded: September 2021 by Arnora Ketilsdottir and Sponsored by Brokenbridge
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The Canton of Brokenbridge wishes to make the following known:

We recognize that this is a game and a hobby. On the one hand, the SCA can not exist without volunteers donating their time and efforts. But on the other hand, overcommitting and getting burnt out are not healthy to the individuals nor to the long term health of our society.

The Unofficial Order of the Carrot was created to celebrate those people who were able to recognize their own limitations and admit that they have taken on too much. This is for those who were able to say "No."

Anyone who wants to join the order may do so on their own initiative. The Carrot is about recognizing our own limitations and normalizing the practice of asking for help or setting boundaries to protect your well-being. Do not nominate other people for the Order without their enthusiastic consent. Do not present it to someone to shame them for getting overcommitted or not completing something. The Carrot should never be used as a stick.




Vert, a bunny rabbit statant affronty argent charged on the paw with a carrot gules

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