Ulvesby Militia

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Ulvesby Militia
Founded: 2023
Status: Active
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(pending) Per bend argent and sable, in bend sinister three wolf's teeth issuant

from sinister and three wolf's teeth issuant from dexter counterchanged

Award Badges


This is a new fencing unit in the SCA East Kingdom. As Stormguard retires, this will be a home for its members to continue having a unit to fence with and be welcomed. We will also be on the lookout for new members to join.


"Throw us to the wolves and we will return stronger and leading the pack."


  • Founding member is Grimolfr Skulason
  • Many members have come here from our previous unit Stormguard Fencing Unit. As the unit was planning on sunsetting, Grimolfr Skulason started this group for a place to continue the ideals of the unit. Welcoming all fencers to be able to find a group to fight alongside with in melees, is a founding principal.
  • The name of the unit comes from a town in Lincolnshire England; Ulvesby. The town was founded in 1086 and the name is derived from "Ulfr's village or farm". Ulfr is Old Norse for wolf, thus making this unit a militia of wolves. Ulvesby would later be changed to the town that we know it as in modern times as Ulceby.


  1. You have fun. We aren't a household. We are a unit that gets together and kicks butt.
  2. You fight with us at wars and other major events (barring royal or household obligations) when you show up at an event. You fight side by side with us. Certain events make that harder as teams are built from scratch. But do your best.
  3. Wearing unit colors is optional. Many of us have multiple obligations and personal heraldry. Not to mention highly designed and customized garb. If unit garb is not going to work for you. Let's see if something else can be added to your stuff to remind everyone who just kicked their butt.
  4. There will be regional commanders and not just one overall commander. This is to make the unit everyone's unit. They will step in when the commander is unavailable.
  5. We want to support one another on and off the field. While we are a fencing unit first, we will be supporting our members in all avenues they pursue. The SCA is many things (service, martial, and arts) and we should not be content with only being one thing.



Supporting Members

More Information

If anyone in the unit is going to be recognized, please contact Grimolfr Skulason at