Tyger's Greeting

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Written in early October, AS 42 by Grim the Skald. This was a poem for King Andreas der Eisfalke III to bring to Kingdom Crusades, it is written in the Old Norse meter fornyrthislag. It was read at Crusades by Linette de Gallardon. Andreas had attended the Atlantean Coronation before ascending to the Crown:

Son of the East southward wended
Beyond the fort of unyielding stone[1]
Hands were raised high in Hall of the Sea[2]
Then Tiger roared raucous greetings

The East’s Falcon[3] heir and spur-booted
Came to the Hall when crown passed onward
From breaker of rings[4] to black Moon-chaser[5]
Then Tiger roared raucous greetings

Brothers and rivals born from one land
But not bitter foes e’en in fierce battle
We’ll face you ‘cross fields or fight side by side
And Tiger will roar raucous greetings

A King returns who came as heir
For new battles in the Bright-Hilled lands[6]
His hands raise high to hail Atlantia
And the Tiger roars raucous greetings

© 2007 Dan Marsh


  1. The southernmost Barony of the East is “Caer Adamant,” which is Delaware.
  2. A reference to Atlantia
  3. Andreas’ nickname is “Icefalcon.”
  4. general term to refer to a King
  5. The ascending King of Atlantia had a surname of “Ebonwolf.” In Norse Myth, the moon is chased by a wolf.
  6. Kingdom Crusades is fought in the Barony of Bright Hills.