Tyger's Cub

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Or, a tyger sejant azure, its forepaws resting on a torteau
Award Information
Type: Order of Honor
Founded: 10/14/1978 by Gyrth and Melisande
Premiere(s): Donavan Hynndyll
Recipients: Companions of the Tyger's Cub

The Order of the Tyger's Cub is an Order of Honor, awarded to children under the age of eighteen who have displayed admirable virtue and decorum at events. Companions of the Order are entitled to act as pages to the Royalty and Heirs of the Kingdom until they reach the age of eighteen.

The Order was established October 14 A.S. 13, 1978, by Gyrth and Melisande.




The order's badge is: Or, a tyger sejant azure, its forepaws resting on a torteau.

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