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The traditional token is a cup or goblet.
Award Information
Type: Order of Honor
Founded: 10/06/1979 by Vissevald and Embla
Recipients: Companions of the Order of the Troubadour

The Order of the Troubadours was established October 6, A.S. 14, by Vissevald and Embla, and revised June 20th, A.S. 45, by Edward and Marguerite. This award is an Order of Honor, signified by a token chosen by the Crown, and may be awarded to recognize a gentle's vocal entertainment, and especially for encouraging others to join in or respond in kind. It may also be awarded to recognize a gentle's talent in performing and entertainment arts, like musical performance, theater, jestery, etc. This list is not exhaustive to leave room for other arts which may flourish as historical evidence and study will be furthered.

Companions of the Order are encouraged to communicate among themselves in order to expand their collective repertoire and knowledge.


Companion of the Order of the Troubadours


There is no official badge for this award. The order's traditional token is a cup or goblet.

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