Treaty with Acre

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This is a treaty signed by the reigning King and Queen of both the Kingdom of Acre and the East Kingdom at Pennsic each year.


We, Angus and Seaneth King and Queen of Acre, and Sebastian and Sirillian, King and Queen of the East, to all of the subjects of our several realms, whether of noble or lowly station, doth here assembled and unto the farthest extent of our realms send greetings. Be it known that to ensure peace and friendship and to foster fruitful commerce between our kingdoms, that our subjects may in all security live and thrive with no fear or threat from without, we do enter into treaty with one another and declare the following; that the subjects of either kingdom do accord sovereign honors unto the sovereign of each realm, that the subjects of our two kingdoms shall obey the laws of the kingdom in which they find themselves, that no taxes nor tariffs shall be imposed to hinder travel or commerce between our realms, and that neither shall carry war against the other. All this do we pledge before the eyes of all the world with the hope that our successors shall see fit to continue this bond. Done by our hands in the Barony Beyond the Mountain on the XI Day of April, in the VII year of Acre, and the XXI of the Society.

The treaty exists in both English and Latin versions.