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Tomas Bergstrom

Joined SCA 2015

Joined Rolling Thunder; house: Thunder Mountain 2017

Certified Thrown Weapons Marshal July 2018 (GNEW)

Order of the Silver Mantal: North Region War Camp 2022

Order of the silver wheel: GNEW 2022

1 time holder of the Golden Spear (2019), Heart of Malagentia (2021), and golden knife (2022)


Describe your persona and persona history (as much as you wish). Consider the narrative you'd like to share with someone you've just met. If you know it, what time and place does your persona inhabit? What is their status or profession? If you think it is relevant, what is their gender identity?

Norse is Scotland 900-1000 AD. hunter/woodsman

Offices & Positions

• Thrown Weapons Officer Malagentia 2022

Event Staff

• Balloon festival kids thrown weapons: 20017, 2018

• Hunin & mugan thrown weapons marshall in charge: 2018

• GNEW thrown weapons marshall in charge: 2019, 2022

• Harvest moon thrown weapons marshall in charge: 2021, 2022

• Pantariea thrown weapons marshall in charge: 2022

• Palio de'Stonemarch thrown weapons marshall in charge: 2022

• The hunt thrown weapons marshall in charge: 2022

Projects & Publications

Thrown Weapons: Queen's champion tournament top 8 Pantariea 2018; top 8 War Camp 2022

A&S: Round table entry The Hunt: rumtopf won 1st in new brewer category.

In Case of Court

How you would like to be notified in case of court: any does not matter.

persona's gender identity: I am He/Him but dont think is relevant.

other individuals that should be contacted for details if you prefer to be surprised: Agrandece Dostie (Slàine An Doire)

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