Thunder Tiger Crowns

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Thunder Tyger Crowns
Creation Date: April 2022
Maker: Roibeard mac Neill
Status: Active


The Thunder Tyger Crowns are a commission by HRM Ryouko'jin for the East and were designed and constructed by THL Roibeard mac Neill and they are the first Asian Kingdom crowns in SCA history. They were inspired by Pan-Asian motifs and based on a 14th century Nepalese ceremonial crown with Thai (Hariphunchai, 7th - 13th century), Chinese, and Japanese design elements. They were handmade from Jeweler's brass (the main body), bronze (cast vajra and Central flowers), blued steel (the tygers as datemono) and Amethyst accents. The team that helped THL Roibeard in the construction of these crowns are Lord Ubba of Smoking Rocks, THL Sisuile Butler, and Christoff of Swampkeype.

The entire process is documented here


Brass, bronze, blued steel, and Amethyst