Thrown Weapons

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Thrown Weapons in the East most commonly covers axe, knife, and spear. Plumbata have recently been added, and sling is currently an experimental weapon. At most ranges, expect that you will be able to throw axe, knife, and spear at hard targets (wood) and potentially spear at soft targets (foam, hay bales, etc). The marshal in charge will be able to give more details about what weapons are available to be thrown at what targets. Most experienced throwers bring their own weapons to events and practices. If you are new, it is recommended to try out multiple weapon styles to determine what you like before purchasing. Some throwers even have multiple styles of each weapon depending on what the target is. All weapons must be inspected by a marshal for safety each day you wish to throw them.

Many outdoor events have thrown weapons as an activity, and there are also many local practices throughout the kingdom. The throwers are very welcoming to new people! Many of us strongly suggest you wear closed toe shoes, and some practices post if this is a requirement for their location. Besides that, just show up!

Authorization Forms

You do not need to be authorized to do thrown weapons! Come out to the range and try it out! Loaner gear is often available.


Currently the available awards for thrown weapons are the Order of the Silver Mantle Companion of the Order of the Silver Mantle and Order of the Golden Mantle Companion of the Order of the Golden Mantle. These awards can be earned for a variety of marshal activities (thrown, equestrian, combat archery, siege) and are not specific to thrown weapons. Anyone can write someone in for these awards, you do not have to be a member of the order or participate in the activity you are writing a recommendation for.


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