Thomas of Wyndriche

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Resides: Wyndriche in Endewearde
Status: Active
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SCA HeraldryBadge T of Wyndriche ignoreNote inBottomRightCorner.png
Purpure, a human ear surmounted by a bend Or, in base an open book argent
Award & Office Badges

Seneschal Webminister Herald


Thomas of Wyndriche (he/him).

  • interested in Silent Heraldry. See EK Silent Heralds, i.e. ASL for SCA activities.
    • beginner in ASL = American Sign Language, e.g. LifePrint .
  • researching impact of deafness on inheritance in medieval Europe, or elsewhere.

SCA biography

  • Joined SCA briefly in A.S. XIV (aka 1980), in what is now the Shire of Quintavia (MA, USA). Leader went on quest at end of year; group went poof.
  • Rejoined SCA in A.S. XLIX (aka 2015) with the Canton of Wyndriche incipient (Maine, USA).
  • Joined East Kingdom Foresters Guild as Novice on Probation, A.S. LVI (aka 3/26/2022).


Aiming for Swiss traveler circa 1250-1340. Something peaceful dealing with books, history, animals, technology, and sciences. Research in progress.

Also see East Kingdom Foresters Guild since joined that.

20220410 : "The Eastern College of Heralds is pleased to inform you that your armory submission

    • Purpure, a human ear surmounted by a bend Or, in base an open book argent

has been approved and registered by the Laurel Sovereign of Arms."

Basically a dark yellow ear centered with same color slash thru it, and a silver-white open book under the ear.

This indicates:

  • have bad ears -- think of the "no whatever" signs iRL ,
  • focus is books -- e.g. research + languages + sciences,
  • favorite color combo is purple + gold (aka yellow); gold is an often used metal, which ties in my interest A&S of geology.
  • yellow and black (see ear on mine) are main colors on Canton of Wyndriche's heraldry.

Ideas welcome, e.g.

  • "Medieval trade in artists materials", on YouTube from July 2020.

Offices & Positions

  • Herald, Canton of Wyndriche incipient, 2/16/2022 to 2/15/2024.
  • Webminister, Canton of Wyndriche incipient, 3/30/2020 to 3/31/2024 (two 2 year terms).
  • Seneschal, Canton of Wyndriche incipient, 9/1/2017 to 8/31/2021 (one 4 year term).

Event Staff

  • Troll (gate), Endewearde Hunt, circa October 2017 .

Projects & Publications

  • took a class in pouch making, incomplete, autumn 2016.

In Case of Court

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  • Notify via member's Gmail or Facebook.
  • Please do not surprise - may not realize being called upon, due to bad ears.
  • Ethereal Awards: No, unless the presentation includes captions aka CC aka subtitles (or Live Transcript in Zoom) .
  • Pronouns are He/Him/His.


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