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Theo Holtz
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Theo Holtz is a cook, and a lover of history who began his journey in 2018 spending his time in the kitchen as an assistant to the chef at the Investiture of the Barony of Buckland Cross c. 2018. From there, he has accumulated many friends, colleagues and lovers of food such as himself throughout the community. He is now a member of the House of Carpathia currently in "The Watch" under Klaus Winterhalter von Walachey. He has accepted as a student under Elizabet Marshall posthumously for John Marshall To better understand the world of food in the East Kingdom.


Theo Holtz the name derived from two sources.

  • Theo, a gender neutral name meaning "God's Gift" derived from the ancient Greek Theodōros, which comes from the word theos meaning “God” and dōron translating to “gift.”
  • The name Holz has been associated with the noble cantons of Kocher and Ottenwald, where the family was connected to the great ruling dynasty of the Hohenstaufens. It is believed that the Holz family possessed feudal forest rights, and the oldest traced descendant of this branch is Siegfried von Holtz.

Theo Holtz is a descendant of Siegfried von Holtz, who lived in Wuerttemberg around 1120. It later became more prominent as many branches of the same house acquired distant estates and branches, some in foreign countries, always elevating their social status by their great contributions to society. Theo's contribution to society is his work in cooking, combining his expertise with ingredients with his kindness to others and his allies in a growing world. His family is his friends, and his growing values within himself and to the ones he spends time with.

Offices & Positions

  • Not Currently Applicable at this time

Event Staff & Vigils

In addition to helping with planning and meals throughout the kingdom:

  • Investiture of the Barony of Buckland Cross (2018, assisted in kitchen)
  • Bhakail Yule (2021, assisted in kitchen)
  • Yule Revel (2022, assisted in kitchen)
  • Mudthaw (2023, assisted in kitchen)
  • Vigil for Pádraig_Ó_Brádaigh (2023, at Pennsic Wars helped with preparation, event staff and serving as well as chef for Spiced Bourbon commonly drank by Knights in the 1300's)
  • Buckland Cross Rattan & Rapier Championship (2023, helped with preparation & assisted in kitchen)

Upcoming Cooking/assisting in kitchen events

  • 100 Minute War (2023, assisting in preparation, assisting in kitchen)
  • Bhakail Yule (2023, assisting in preparation, assisting in kitchen)
  • East Kingdom 12th Night (Running Dayboard Irish Themed)

Projects & Publications

Every project that I take on always is an act of re-creating the personification of history of the food and the lore throughout. I attempt to make an experience for the people participating and for those who are able to look from the outside, in.

  • The Act of Squiring, a project based on the life of a squire in Rhodes in the 13th century and his journey to appease a Knight and his nobles with his actions and a meal. Taking place during Pennsic War 50 2023, this involved marching with fighters on Tuesday during war week to the battlefield, acting as a water bearer, bringing the flag back, taking care of the acting Knights armor and other gear, and finally making him meals for both lunch and dinner. Acts of feeding Settmour Swamp resembled the feeding of commoners and hired help who had worked for the Knight. Dinner was placated with speaking to nobility in order to appease and gain power from the act of the meal and his words. (This has currently not been submitted for an A&S Competition)

Documentation for "The Act of Squiring"

  • A Phoenician Captain on the Mediterranean, this project explored the hardships and lives of the Phoenician merchant captains of the middle ages and allowed you to sample Braggot Ale, Hard Tack, and cheeses while hearing the ocean waves and smelling them as if you were on a ship. This was submitted to River Wars XII for their Baronial A&S Competition in 2023.

Documentation for "A Phoenician Captain on the Mediterranean"

  • Savillum, the Original "Pie", This project was based on a Traditional Cheesecake from 160BC from a book named "Concerning Agriculture" by Cato the Elder, a man noted for his devotion to simplicity and love of country life. This was submitted to The Magister John Marshall atte Forde Memorial Cooking Competition at Harts & Horns 2023 and won a top prize for it's creation and history.

Documentation for "Savillum, the Original "Pie"

In Case of Court

You may notify Klaus Winterhalter von Walachey or any other member of the House of Carpathia. You may also notify Elizabet Marshall. I prefer to be surprised in the long run about such events. My preferred pronouns are He/Him.

How to speak to Theo Holtz about a Food Event

You may send him a message directly via e-mail at or contact him directly via Facebook or speak to him at an SCA event! He is always interested in hearing about a project and "Talking Shop" about it.