Theme for the Kingdom

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The kingdom, how is it named?
declare O peers!
when did it separate from the unknown lands?
when did East become East?
Was it under Maragorn of Artifice?
or at the hand of John de Cles, Steward?
or under Eiolff who traveled west?
or under Richard the Short?
Was it under the people of the Cloistered Faire?
or from the yard of Diana, Listmaker?
tell which of these it was
from which the name East was set on the land?
O Laurels! O Pelicans!
O Chivalry! O Defense Masters!
O Royals here assembled!
what is the cause for East is named?
There was a time when it was an unknown land
in the days of the noble son of Henrik
until the lands were made known to all
by El, he of the Two Knives
Thenceforward it was called East
its worth was rich upon the World Known
until there came Bruce of Cloves,
Knighted upon the field.

Thenceforward it was called East,
the Cloister where shelter was sought,
until Bruce and Florence went unto
The world yet unknown, and were crowned.
So say Frederic and El, in agreement
was its beginning under Bruce of Cloves,
until Adrienne, ever present,
Styled herself Queen at tournament afar.
Round her did all see East
By those who thought they knew
She styled herself Regina, Emerita
so is it from then does East become.
The Seat of Royals here abides
the kingly line of the East unbroken:
names accordingly given royal worth
from the time when it was unknown until it became East.

I am Lilie Dubh, shanahy,
I am an owl of one tree;
it is here I do declaim these words,
on the kingdom’s ground, for the East.