The She-Baron of Stonemarche

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by Tegwen ferch Cydifor ap Bleddyd.

Where white and green do clothe the shield
Where granite mountains stand afield
To sword and service we are sealed
For Stonemarche we have fought

Our hero stepped up from the crowd
With wisdom grown and head unbowed
And of her land and home so proud
She gave her task forethought

When his circlet she would take
Though for his loss her heart did ache
She knew that by his word she’d make
The Baron that she ought.

And so with that she claimed his crown
And put aside the veil and gown
To take up all he had set down
And she would take her shot.

So heed you now the tale of how
With Baron’s crown upon her brow
Our Excellency steps forth now
The Baron that we’ve sought.

-For Baron Keziah Planchet

@copyright Morgan Leander Blake 2018