The Order of the Basset

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An unofficial order originating in the area of Thescorre (Rochester, NY) in what is now Æthelmearc. Apparently, there is a British sport which involves following a basset hound through the woods, under brush and over rocks, doing everything it does. The Basset is given for doing really weird or foolish things (usually in service to the Society or its members). For example, Countess Elspeth received it for driving from Providence RI to an Ice Dragon in the Buffalo area, and spending the entire event in the kitchen. The badge is a pair of fuzzy basset ears, and Bassets are known to emit their war-cry, "Yorp! Yorp!" when excited.

Master Fridrikr Tomasson has this to say: "The Order of the Basset is NOT a Baronial Order, although that's a truly funny concept. It was thought up at a Pre-revel at Seely's Church/home, with five or six founding "puppies." In reality, Orianna & I are responsible for it. It is utterly, totally, completely, absolutely, unofficial. The only times it has become anywhere near respectable has been when the Crown allowed us into Court. Then, we considered that we had been let into the house & we made ourselves at home for the rest of the reign."

Information gathered by -- Steffan ap Kennydd

entered--Theodora Bryennissa called Treannah 22 April 2014