The Five who Stood

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These are the events of the final moments of the gate battle, Pennsic 38 (AS 44.) This poem was written in kvithuhattr, an old Norse style, by Grim the Skald

1. The best tales tell of a few
Men who stand ‘gainst many foes
And yield not. I offer you
The word fame of five who stood

2. At one gate in a great wall
That parted the Pennsic field
Fierce tygers tore the Dragon
Who charged back breaking the line.

3. Cleftland’s spears split the East-line
Dark Moon’s swords drove in after
When the charge wounded the East
Five tygers in fight remained

4. White and green wore four of these –
Blazon of their bold household [1]
Noble Karl, quiet but fierce,
Billy Fish with blazing sword,

5. Constantine of Kingly blood [2]
At his side eager Durkin.
The fifth man, a famed master:
Duke Randall the Dark Spearman

6. Tyger’s kin, enclosed by foes,
Stood bravely, braced ‘gainst the horde.
Bold Gunnar, Battle-maker,
Hailed the five fierce defenders

7. “If you men yield us the Gate,
We’ll offer you honor in
Single fights. Defer to us
You’ll not fall ‘gainst fruitless odds.”

8. Courage showed Karl Meerstapa
He hailed back “To hell with that!
We’ll not yield without combat
We’ll fight you to own this gate.”

9 .Gunnar laughed and loudly said
“Well spoken.” He spurred his men
Forward to the five tygers
Great but brief battle followed.

10. Though these five fell to a man
They fought ‘till their final breath
Eager they to Odin went
Val-Hall’s field they fight in now

© 2009 Dan Marsh


  1. These are the colors of Duchy Von Drachenklaue
  2. Constantine is the son of Lucan von Drachenklaue, who has been King of the East 7 times