The Blue Claws Company

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Founded: 2023 by Millicent Rowan
Status: Active
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Blue Tyger Legion


The Blue Claws Company fencing melee unit dedicated to the improvement of melee tactics and supporting the crossover community.


The Founder and Captain of The Blue Claws Company Millicent Rowan


The Creation of the Blue Claws Company at Gulf War 2023

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The Blue Claws Company at Pennsic War 50 (2023) in the Wood Battle


The origins of the Blue Claws started after the 2022 Rapier Championship; won by Millicent Rowan. Minutes after the final bout, Rowan took Sir Trentus aside and asked his thoughts on the match. The biggest area of concern was whether or not one of her opponents (Sir Cassius of LaFamilia Gladetoria ) held back. Sir Trentus affirmed her suspicion stating that many heavylist fighters who crossover do not go 100% because of the added scrutiny. Unhappy with the idea of combatants not giving their all, instead of taking a moment to enjoy her success, Rowan decided to use her new platform as the East Kingdom Sovereign's Champion to promote inclusion and assist in the acceptance of heavy fighters crossing over into rapier.

The first recruit was the aforementioned Sir Trentus; as the two had many conversations about Trentus' dissatisfaction with the state of East Kingdom rapier melee tactics. The two already had an arrangement where Rowan would help with Trentus' rapier singles fighting and in return, Trentus would explain things he observes in rapier melee. Conversations continued through the winter and came to a head when both of them joined the Eastern Expeditionary Force and traveled to Gulf Wars. There Rowan assumed command of the eight member fencing group representing the East Kingdom. Other Kingdoms quickly noticed the group's communication and effectiveness and by the end of the campaign this temporary group decided to stay together.


The azure and or represents how the members comes from different regions and households of the East, grouping together as a strong force. The tyger's claws represents the different fighting fields and forms. The weapons in chief are the fencing sword, the heavy fighting glaive and the cavalry lance represents how we are focused on aggressive and proactive tactics.


(by Order of Precedence)

Founder and Captain



Awards and honors

  • FB IMG 1680735009484.jpg Blue Tyger Legion, Last Court (Quintavia) 2023, by King Mohammad and Queen Corotica
  • Market day at Birka 2024, Top 3 Fencer are member of The Blue Claws Company : Gregori Rogue Montana, Millicent Rowan and Mohammad Al-Manil Al-Wajdi Al-Abderrafi Ibn Horrah Ibn Gowan

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Blue Claws is open to ANYONE who wishes to improve their melee skills. You DO NOT have to be a crossover fighter. Many newer fighter in either discipline (Heavy or Rapier) may find themselves lost and not knowing how to contribute to the effort. As I did with the Heavy fighters by forming Scissors, Millicent Rowan is doing by forming Blue Claws.

In Service

Sir Trentus