Thaddeus the Seer

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Thaddeus at Iron Bog Investiture.
Resides: Shire of Rusted Woodlands
Status: Active Member
Awards: Order of Precedence

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Purpure with two white skulls with red goutte de sang "third-eye" and sable per chevron with white horseshoe crab targeant inverted.

Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Tyger Blue Tyger Legion Rabbit


Thaddeus the Seer is a heavy weapons fighter who began fighting in the East Kingdom in the Shire of Rusted Woodlands circa 2018 CE. In that time he has accumulated friends who support him on the battlefield which showed him the value of honor and service. He now proudly serves as squire for Marquess Ryouko'jin-Of-The-Iron-Skies, Demon of the East and is a member of House Carpathia under Dread Lord Klaus Winterhalter von Walachey. His main weapons forms are two swords and polearm but he is also proficient with greatswords and the classic sword and shield.


Thaddeus the Seer can be described as a warrior from the 13th century at the time period observing the reign of Leszek II the Black (1279-1288 AD) and the years of the Golden Horde's invasion of Poland. Thaddeus was conscripted to arms for the Horde after surviving the second sacking of Sandomierz (1260 AD). Thaddeus's enslavement to Nogai Khan and conversion to Tengrism led to the Piast Dynasty decreeing him as an apostate which motivated him to battle the state of Christendom. This fate landed in favor of eventually fighting alongside other like-minded groups within the Golden Horde including the Lithuanians, Ruthenians, and Khazars in the ranks of the Mongol army. Together they invaded Hungary including the disputed lands of Transylvania against the frontier forces of Béla IV. On this path Thaddeus faces the challenges the East Kingdom offers in the business of learning the codes of Bushido and Chivalry through the guidance of his comrades and peerage. At this time he inhabits the East Kingdom with the sentiment of his own homeland and culture in his heart.

Offices & Positions

Local Awards

  • Won the office of Baronial Champion of Concordia at War of the Roses in May, AS 57, 2022.
  • Won the office of Baronial Champion of Iron Bog at Iron Bog Investiture and Equestrian Championship in June, AS 58, 2023.
  • Heraldic Torchlit Tournament Champion at War of Pearls II in June, AS 58, 2023.
  • Awarded the Order of Polaris (Duchy Order of Duchy Von Drachenklaue) at Pennsic L in August, AS 58, 2023 by Kit de Coldwood.

Kingdom Awards

Event Staff

Progenitor of activities at Southern Army Sunday practices.

Marshalled for East Kingdom Novice Day, June 2023.

Marshalled for Sparta Ren Faire, September 2023.

Projects & Publications

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A&S Pipes 2022.jpg

Thaddeus's interests in arts and sciences include reconstructions of Pre-Columbian era artifacts from the New World and documenting the cultures of the Western Hemisphere. Created works include ceramic effigy tobacco pipes from Algonquin, Iroquois, and Lenni-Lenape material culture during the Early Woodlands Period (1000-200 BCE). Other academic pursuits include covering topics on shamanism and multicultural philosophies in the Middle Ages while incorporating the principles and teachings of occult sciences. The work of spellcraft, otherworldly dreams, and the study of entheogens fuel his primeval divinations into prehistoric and arcane knowledge of the known world to collect the wisdom of human ancestors.

In Case of Court

Contact Thaddeus if there is a task he must prepare to complete for court or if he is a part of a group effort in the proceedings. If you wish to call him for court as a surprise please contact Marquess Ryouko'jin, Dread Lord Klaus Winterhalter von Walachey of House Carpathia, or Sir Tanaka Raiko. Please address Thaddeus as he/him/his.

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