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Heraldry Needed
Award Information
Type: Order of Honor
Founded: 10/06/1979 by Vissevald and Embla
Premiere(s): Alia bint Ulek ibn el Kharish

Alyson of Islay
Diana Alene
Kay de la
Lys d'Arras
Mara Teodora Kolarova
Patri du Chat Gris
Salaamallah the Corpulent
Ysabeau Cameron of Lochiel

Recipients: Companions of the Terpsichore

The Order of Terpsichore was established October 6 A.S. 14, 1979, by Vissevald and Embla, and may be awarded to recognize a gentle's consistent and unselfish devotion of their talent to helping a great many others acquire a knowledge and understanding of dance and polite court movement.

Companions of the Order are encouraged communicate among themselves in order to expand their collective repertoire.



Bells are the traditional token of the order.

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