Talk:The Regulations, Appointments, and Proceedings of The Ancient and Venerable Order of Brewers, Vintners and Meadmakers of the East Kingdom

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This is intended to be a system to publish and navigate the various documented projects that have gone through the EKBG paneling process. The goal is to make the recipes and research of the Guild available to the whole of the East, and to also compile in one place all the works of each of the brewers in the East for the purposes of advocacy and other uses.

If you want to add a page to the Proceedings, here's what to do.

1) Create a new page for your documentation.

2) Add the following category to the page:

3) There are four additional broad sub-categories that reflect a method of categorization. Do not use these specific sub-categories on their own. These are there to help people navigate the confluence of more specific categories, by providing an explicitly defined method of categorization. These are for meta-sorting, basically.

4) Instead, for each broad category, come up with a more specific category. For example, I have an almond fuqqa, which is a 10th century recipe from an Islamic text. So for "Country or Culture," I say "Islamic Brewing." For "Time Period," I say "Early Middle Ages Brewing." Visit the category page for each of those to see the current categories under that heading; use an existing one if possible. If you need a new one, create it very carefully, or talk to the Guildmaster and the EKBG Webminister first.

The Divisions and Time Periods are strictly defined, to help contain the chaos. Do not create new categories for those - instead, use what's there.