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  • Joined the SCA in 2007 and did Precious Little except get the newsletter in the mail. Unjoined. Joined again in 2011, went to Pennsic in 2012 with my best friend and had an amazing time.
  • Couldn't really find anyone local to play with due to being painfully shy and not knowing anyone to introduce me.
  • Started going to about an event a year in Buffalo because that's where my best friend lives, despite it being an 8-hour drive.
  • Took an SCA class in Celtic illumination techniques in 2017, got handed a copy of Medieval Calligraphy (by Marc Drogin) by my best friend, and have been practicing calligraphy since then. Also went to an A&S Thingy in Settmour Swamp that year, mundane life prevented me from doing anything social shortly thereafter.
  • Went to the Scribal Retreat in 2019 and started my actual illumination journey there, learning how to do whitework, but then 2020 happened.
  • Went to the AEthelmearc A&S Faire in October 2022 and learned how to use gouache properly and I've been unstoppable ever since.
  • Started using facebook again which, oddly enough, has gotten me introduced to people.
  • Have (locally and in my modern era) been to 100MW, Imbolc Schola, and Mudthaw. Am signed up for Quest! Am going to Pennsic for my second time ever. :D