Tadcaster Militia

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Founded: 2001
Status: So Active. Wow.
Tad badge v1.png
(Fieldless) a rapier inverted sable surmounted by a roundel argent ermined vert, a raven contourny reguardant sable.
Award Badges
Blue Tyger LegionDragteeth.PNGOrder of the Star of Bhakail


The Tadcaster Militia is a group of men and women drawn together by a love of the SCA. Beginning as a fencing school, Tadcaster has evolved into a household of friends who are involved in all areas of the society, from service, to A&S, and, of course, fencing and other SCA martial activities.



The Honor of Tadcaster

Whoever possesses the Honor of Tadcaster passes it to any member whom he judges as being most worthy of possessing it. This happens once or twice a year. It was held by James O'Galleghure of Tyr Connal at the judgement of Eldrich Gaiman.

James passed it on to Wentlyanna Bengrek before the plague times for her commitment to getting up at a stupid time every morning at Pennsic 48 to run Youth Fencing activities.

Wentlyanna passed it to Griffith Davion in February 2024 because he's far more circumspect with his opinions than people think, but when he has opinions they usually are very valid points about what is right for us.

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