Swannoc Foxton

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Swannoc Foxton is a member of Darostur who arrived on the East Kingdom scene in our year of Pennsic XXX. As a siege engineer she fights with the Village of Lochleven. In the realm of A&S and Service she is quite the dabbler and willing to take a class or raise her hand for most anything. She lived in Quintavia before she moved to the Barony of Stonemarche.


Swannoc Foxton was originally a Scottish highlander from 1450's, but has a magpie's penchant when it comes to crafting and when pillaging across the Knowne World. Nearly anything will catch her attention- sewing, wood working, Middle Eastern dance, dyeing, constructing siege engines, European dancing, embroidery, Kub, beading, drumming, Kumihimo to name a few she's gotten hands-on with. In addition to the Scottish clothing she grew up with, her closet(including appropriate accessories) currently contains: Elizabethan, North Indian, German, French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Burgundian, Spanish and eventually will contain many, many more.

More Information

In the realm of Service, she started by contributing to the army's efforts by being a waterbearer at her first Pennsic, both filling jugs at WB point and distributing water upon the East&Allies side of the field. She was much disappointed to find that it was impractical to both properly waterbear and siege at Pennsic. However, since siege activities frequently are disallowed from all but the 3rd fight of the day she will often use her armored-up status to help get water closer to the returning dead during non-siege battles and (internal heat permitting)work her nearby area and collect empties for the full time waterbearers. She will still waterbear at smaller war events when such services are needed.

Over the subsequent years she has also volunteered for: kitchen duties, troll, substitute Middle Eastern Dance instructor while in Stonemarche, site token assembly, Chirurgeon Point grunt, throne-mover, chipped in with site cleanup, Children activities, presenter at demos while in Quintavia, tourney "runner", and recently became a Siege marshal. Next on the agenda: Retaining for the reign of Edward and Marguerite.