Svana Sölgadóttir

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Svana Sölgadóttir
Resides: Shire of Bois Ardent
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Per pale sable and azure, two horses salient respectant Or and a flame proper. (Registered under the name Jehanne la Doulce)
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent
Seneschal Herald

Modern path

Svana Sölgadóttir first met the Current Middle Ages in 1996 when a friend took her to her first event in the Bois Ardent. After her friend moved, a 4 years gap followed, when she finally traced back people from Bois Ardent, her local group. She became active in 2000 under the name Ariane de Meursault, hardworking with several offices and other tasks, and trying out new experiences while having fun at it. She registered the name "Jehanne la Doulce" with armory but left behind the name "Ariane de Meursault" in 2003 to adopt the Norse culture and the name Svana Sölgadóttir. After going on hiatus for family reasons in 2006, 2007, she gradually came back at the end of 2008 and in January 2009, she picked up her path where she left it.


Svana Sölgadóttir is born in 967 in the lands of the North. After having his husband wear a tunic that revealed too much of his upper chest, she obtained a rightful divorce. Since, she runs the house, cares for her son and takes part in the Thing, while pursuing her other duties and interests, supporting her community and filling a need whenever she can.


Offices & Positions

Current offices:

  • Herald, Bois Ardent -- Nov. 17, 2010 to this day
  • Deputy-Seneschal of Tir Mara -- July 1st, 2010 to this day
  • East Kingdom Branch Polling Deputy for the Crown Principality of Tir Mara -- March 9, 2010 to this day
  • East Kingdom Clerk of Laws -- April 11, 2009 to this day
  • Deputy-Seneschal, Bois Ardent -- Jan. 17 2009 to this day

Past offices:

Event Staff

  • Les Jours Champêtres in Bois Ardent, July 2001: Event webmaster
  • Fête des Bois in Bois Ardent, 10/27/2001: Event webmaster, Reservation clerk, Communications, Scribe for scrolls
  • Baronial Investiture Anniversary, Havre des Glaces, April 6, 2002: Event webmaster, Communications, Publicity & Reminders, Innkeeper.
  • Baronial Warcamp, Havre des Glaces, July 2002: Event webmaster, Feast (salad)
  • Fête des Bois in Bois Ardent, Oct. 26, 2002: Autocrat
  • Fête des Bois in Bois Ardent, Sept. 27, 2003: Event webmaster, Reservation clerk and event tokens
  • Fête des Bois in Bois Ardent, Sept. 5, 2009: Gofer, translations, interpret
  • Fall Harvest in Barony of L'ile du Dragon Dormant, Oct. 24, 2009: Gatekeeper
  • A Celebration of Squamifer’s Fortune: BIA of L'ile du Dragon Dormant, March 6, 2010: Kitchen crew (nobody died!)
  • Fête des Bois in Bois Ardent, Sept. 25, 2010: Gofer, herald

Projects & Publications

  • Foundation of a local heraldic guild, Dec. 4, 2001 (defunct, members having moved)
  • Heraldic contest in the Northern Shores (now the Crown Principality of Tir Mara), Dec. 2001 to March 2002
  • Beginning of French translation of the EK Law, Summer 2002
  • Beginning of work on Ressources Francophones pour la SCA, Spring 2002 - ongoing
  • Translation of the A&S 50 Challenge website, Feb. and March 2010
  • Addition of navigation bookmarks to the Governing Documents of the SCA, Spring 2002 to 2004
  • Guide about branch pollings for local seneschals - 2010, in progress


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