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Surtr's Brood Camp at Pennsic
Founded: 2003
Status: Active
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About Us

Surtr's Brood, also known as Surtstaðr, is a household whose loyalty lies in the East but has members spanning 5 kingdoms, including Mid Realm, Atlantia, Glenn Ahbann and Atenveldt. Their first event was 100 minutes war, in November 2003. The household is open to all personas and predominantly focuses on recruiting young people into the SCA and restoring the ideals of honor.


  • Originals
  • Veterans
  • Full Colors
  • Visonati
  • Novice
  • Honorary Members




  • Lord Osric Hryther (Glenn Ahbann)
  • Adam of Surtr's Brood
  • Scarlett of Surtr's Brood (Atlantia)
  • Lord Turek Alfelo Faege (Mid-Realm)
  • Lady Viola Epifani aka Ariel of Surtr's Brood
  • Lord William Foi aka Will Foy

Active Veterans:

  • The Honorable Lord Brom De Fechten aka Cuthbert of Brom
  • Lord Gevulfr of Surtr's Brood
  • Lord Yisrael Ben Baron aka Radames of Surtr's Brood
  • Renee of Surtr's Brood

Active Full Colors:

  • Lady Aislinn of Surtr’s Brood
  • Lord Akos Zekel
  • Lord Andromedus of Surtr's Brood
  • Caoimhin Sirideain
  • Erzsabet Basarab
  • Lord Henrik the Jack aka Henrik of Surtr's Brood
  • Lord Muiredach Ua Dalaig aka Muiredach Ua Daly
  • Sir Neo the Pict (Atenveldt)
  • Ulf of Surtr's Brood
  • Raud the Meadstealer

Active Visonati:

  • Daniedh Mac Tuath
  • Farlig Ragnarson
  • Rizzle of Surtr's Brood

Active Novice:

  • Chad of Surtr's Brood (Atlantia)
  • Lord Dhonndubann MacEogainn (Atenveldt)
  • Lady Fine ingen Ui Chellaig (Atenveldt)
  • Finn of Surtr's Brood
  • Gilbert Christian Blackmoore
  • Lauren of Surtr's Brood (Mid)
  • Lord Lodinn Feilan (Atenveldt)
  • Reid of Surtr's Brood

Honorary Members:

  • Lady Alexandria of Fairfax (Mid-Realm)
  • Lady Melina Al Andalusiyya (Tir Mara)

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