Suba al-Hadid

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Suba and Rowen at Pennsic 2017
Resides: Canton of Black Icorndall, Barony of Bhakail
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Argent, semy-de-lys azure, on a chief embattled sable
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the PelicanCompanion of the Order of the Silver CrescentCompanion of the Order of the Burdened TygerOrder of the SalamanderMaster of HorseOrder of the Bronze TowerAward of the Golden Chime of Carillion


Previously the Baroness of Bhakail, Jamilia al-Suba al-Hadid min Bhakail al-Mu'allim al-Sheikha (Baroness Suba al-Hadid) resides in the Canton of Black Icorndall in the Barony of Bhakail when not in Andalusia among her friends in the household Dar Nafoura Hajjar (House of the Stone Fountain). Those times she isn't stewarding or seeing to the gate at an event, she might be heralding in the lists or in the scullery washing dishes while singing with her Random Dishrag Bardic Guild companion Ysmay.

In Arabic (posted with line breaks to preserve word order, since not all displays handle right-to-left word order properly): Jamilia al-Suba al-Hadid min Bhakail al-Mu'allim al-Sheikha (Baroness Suba al-Hadid)


Most people call me Suba (SOO-bah), which is fine. But if you want the real pronounciation, here ya go: Jamilia (Jah-MEE-lee-yah) is a given name which means 'pretty' and Suba al-Hadid (Soo-BAH' al cxHa-DEED with a glottal stop on the end of Suba and the gutteral ch on hadid as in Channukkah) is a nickname that means 'finger of iron'. Min Bhakail (min Bah-KALE) is 'from Bhakail'. Al Mu'allima (al moo'-ah-LEE-ma again with the glottal stop) means teacher and is what the SCA College of Heralds chose as the Arabic equivalent to Mistress. Al-Sheikha (al SHAY-xkha - again with the gutteral ch) is the SCA choice of Arabic equivalent to Baroness.

Proteges and Students

Lord Justinius Alexander Eternus

  • became a student 2016
  • scheduled to become a protege at the Crown Tournament of Ivan and Mathilde

Lady Jehanette Bouchart

  • became a student at the Coronation of Ioness and Honig
  • became a protege at the Coronation of Ivan and Mathilde

Offices & Positions

Event Staff

Event Steward

Deputy Event Steward

Head Gatekeeper

Projects & Publications

Teacher, "Embroidery for Children and the Young at Heart", Pennsic 42, July 2013