Steve the Wig

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Steve The Wig

One of Phaedra de Vere's extravagant wigs. Made with wire covered with foam, and then fake hair wrapped and glued around it. It's held on with a comb on the bottom and a LOT of hairpins. Steve is also:

  • Gorgeous and deadly and he knows it.
  • When the Pennsic War starts, Steve doesn't try to survive, the other side does.
  • Steve makes onions cry.
  • When Steve enters a room, he doesn't turn the lights on, he turns the dark off.
  • Steve refers to himself in the fourth person.
  • Steve can find the end of a circle.
  • Steve can make a Slinky go upstairs.
  • Steve can read lips while standing behind you.
  • Steve is the only wig to ever defeat a wall in a game of tennis.
  • Steve is the only wig to ever escape the Children of the East.
  • How much of Steve is real hair? None! He's entirely imaginary and will HAUNT YOUR DREAMS!
  • Steve the Wig is his own Order of Very High Merit.
  • Steve the Wig doesn't duck under doorways. Doorways rise around Steve the Wig.
  • Steve The Wig has had several run-ins with stubborn tent ceilings. The tent ceilings apologized.