Sovereign's and Consort's Arts and Sciences Champions

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First selected by Darius II and Roxane II. The format for each A&S Championship has varied over the years. In years past the winner of the East Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship was declared the Queen's Champion and the King's Champion was traditionally selected directly by the King from among the entrants. Over the last few years, the Crown's champions are both chosen from amongst a group of high scoring finalists after an interview.

Please see East Kingdom Law for the duties of both Champions.


(Fieldless) A tyger rampant azure maintaining a candle Or lit gules.


Lineage of Champions

Sovereign's Champion Consort's Champion Year
Alianor de Ravenglas Brynn Elionor nic Neachdainn May 25, 2003
Kayleigh McWhyte Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco May 15, 2004
Geoffrey the Younger Gavan Macbane May 28, 2005
Alarich Jager von Bremen Nest verch Tangwistel January 14, 2006
Tristan de Worrell Renye Wyrm January 6, 2007
Jehannine de Flandres Susanna Lockhart March 29, 2008
Estgar æt Hrofecaestre Alheydis von Riga March 28, 2009
Iheronimus Brückner Alys Attewater March 6, 2010
Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea Catheryn Shadwell February 12, 2011
Alexander Younger Caterina Giocchini February 11, 2012
Solskinn of Smoking Rocks Ose Silverhair February 16, 2013
Luke Knowlton Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco February 22, 2014
Naomi bat Avraham Agatha Wanderer March 7, 2015
Magnús_hvalmagi Elysabeth Underhill February 6, 2016
Raziya bint Rusa Sofya Gianetta di Trieste February 22, 2017
Elena Hylton Doroga Voronin February 10, 2018
Sovereign's Champion Consort's Champion Year
Þórfinnr Hróðgeirsson Ástríðr Musi March 30, 2019
Amalia von Hohensee Fiore Leonetta Bardi Feb. 29, 2020
Jan Janowicz Bogdanski Sugawara no Naeme June 13, 2021
Corotica merkka Senebelenae Ysabel da Costa March 5, 2022
Cellach Dhonn inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh Culann mac Cianain March 4, 2023
Nathan Hartman Charis Accipiter March 3, 2024

Sovereign's Champions Consort's Champions


The Sovereign's and Consort's A&S Champions' regalia consists of a sash and a Chain of Office. In August 2022, Baroness Bronwen Rose of Greyling told the history of the Chains of Office to Ysabel da Costa thus:

The current Chains were made by Master Tristan de Worrell of Dragonship Haven in 2013 and 2014.

The original K&Qs A&S Champions’ regalia were solid cast pewter tigers linked by brass-plated steel lamp chain, and were made by an artisan from the Shire of Nordenhal. They hint at a peculiar sense of humor. Queen’s champ’s tigers were about 2”x3” and King’s Champion were about 6”x7”.

Per Kay Leigh Mac Whyte, King's Champion of Arts and Sciences to Kelson in 2004-2005, the original King's Champion chain was the weightier of the two first chains, and over the years was worn in different fashions - as a belt, or with a leather thong to pad the neck, to make it more ergonomic for the wearer. The King's Champion chain bore a heavy plaque as a pendant depicting a tyger maintaining a candle, as a homage to the badge of the Ministry of Arts and Sciences. This chain was retired shortly after the passing of the former King's Champion of Arts and Sciences, Alexander the Younger, and soon both chains were replaced as a matched set made by Tristan's hands.

Tristan got to wear the about 4 pound of pewter collar when he was named King’s Champion Jan 6, 2007 by King Lucan for his entry on Elizabethan spoons. His long-time partner, Renye Wurm, was named Queen’s Champion at the same event. So they each got firsthand experience with maintaining and wearing that version of the regalia.

In 2013, (now Master) Tristan designed and completed the new collar for the King’s Champion. I believe that Master Luke Knowlton was the first to wear it. The companion piece for the Queen’s Champion was completed and presented several months later. 

Both collars were constructed of linked rectangular brass and blue enameled plaques and filligree medallions with an elaborately pierced fine silver pendant representing the SCA’s A&S stylized lantern. Master Tristan was an accomplished metal worker and enamelist.  He took great joy in using his jewelers saw and he truly loved polishing. 

The enamels are constructed using the 2-plaque technique where the top pierced piece is soldered to a solid backer sheet and the resulting wells are filled with powdered glass then fused in a kiln. When the wells are completely filled, the metal and glass are ground to a level surface, refired to bring gloss back to the glass, and the metal is polished. A lot. 

Master Luke added a clever chain arrangement to shorten the collar of the Sovereign’s Champion’s collar and you (Ysabel) have applied a blue fabric backing (to both collars). That is a good idea to limit metal tarnish from staining skin/clothes and brass links from tangling with lace trim or hair. I recall that a couple of extra plaques and brass links were included with each collar to effect any needed adjustments and repairs.

Master Tristan died about 2 years ago.

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