Sovereign's and Consort's Archery Champions

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(Fieldless) A tyger rampant azure maintaining an arrow Or


A tournament is held annually to determine the new Champions. The Consort's Archery Champion is the victor of the tournament. The Sovereign reserves the right to choose their own Champion from the top 16 shooters. Prior to September 2018, the positions were known as King's and Queen's Archery Champions.


(Fieldless) A tyger rampant azure maintaining an arrow Or.


Lineage of Champions

Queen's Champion King's Champion Year
Kikuchi no Tsurunaga Dofinn-Hallr Morrisson 6/24/1989
Randal of the Dark Peter the Red 7/07/1990
Dofinn-Hallr Morrisson Bleiddian Ab Cynin 5/18/1991
David McDougall William of Barnesdale 6/27/1992
Ailean Mac an Daroch Ygraine of Kellswood 6/12/1993
Kai Mac Lain Krakken Gnashbone 6/11/1994
Nicetas Lecapenus of Antioch Li Kung Lo 7/08/1995
William of Barnesdale Urho of the Pines 7/13/1996
Ragnar Two Axe Dwane Shinnock 7/13/1997
Krakken Gnashbone Kai MacLain 7/11/1998
Geoffrei St. Alban of Eastwood Li Kung Lo 5/29/1999
Lorenzo il Confuso Mark Squirrelsbane 6/03/2000
Daniel Krakkenson Herian Iarnsmidre 6/16/2001
Urho of the Pines Calum Friseal 7/20/2002
Ramos da Vida Rupert the Unbalanced 5/24/2003
Peter the Red Krakken Gnashbone 6/05/2004
Rupert the Unbalanced Alexis of Woods End 6/04/2005
Goyacle Urho of the Pines 6/17/2006
Rupert the Unbalanced Lewin de Partone 6/23/2007
Owen de Hudelesdun Urho of the Pines 6/21/2008
Radagast Jacob Felinfoel 6/20/2009
Hobbe Yonge Rupert the Unbalanced 6/19/2010
Krakken Gnashbone Kusunoki Yoshimoto 6/18/2011
Phillip Reed Nathaniel Wyatt 6/02/2012
Krakken Gnashbone Orvar 6/01/2013
Colin Ursell 1/25/2014
Rupert the Unbalanced Peter the Red 5/31/2014
Li Kung Lo Jehannine de Flandres 5/30/2015
Peter the Red Godric of Hamtun 6/4/2016
Kusunoki Yoshimoto Siobhan inghean Cormaic 5/28/2017
Colin Ursell Ruan Shi Tian 6/16/2018
Consort's Champion Sovereign's Champion
Aleksei Dmitriev Julian Ridley 6/15/2019
Ryan Mac Whyte Ciaran Ua Meic Thire 5/29/2022
Peter the Red Eanraig the Bonesetter 5/20/2023