Sorcha of Stonegrave

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Resides: AnDubhaigeainn
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Sorcha of Stonegrave Arms.jpg
Or, a sun in his splendor gules, on a chief vert three billets argent
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent Companion of the Order of the Maunche


I am Baroness Sorcha of Stonegrave, former Baroness of AnDubhaigeainn. I am a member of the East Kingdom Herbalists & Apothecaries Guild, Order of the Silver Crescent & Order of the Maunche & Order of the Pelican.


I am a 15th Century woman from York, England, living through the War of the Roses. I am a staunch Yorkist not a Lancastarian. When I am not working on my Manor House, I study Herbs and make salves and potions in order to take care of those around me. I also study Astrology to better understand the world and its rhythms.

I can sometimes be found reliving my Viking life in Jorvik around 1000 AD.

Offices & Positions

Barony of AnDubhaigeainn

  • Chronicler 2002-2003
  • Exchequer 2003-2009, 2011-2015
  • Baroness 2017 - 2023

Canton of Hawkes Reache

  • Exchequer 2010-2015
  • Chatelaine 2012-2014

Event Staff

  • Autocrat Potted Arms and Fancy Faire 2007-2015
  • Autocrat St Andrews Returns from the New World a Baronial Investiture 2012

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