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Tools used in Soothsaying
Founded: 1977
Status: Active
Quarterly argent, azure, vert, and gules, a filletcross Or, overall an hourglass proper.


Chartered as a Kingdom Guild in A. S. XII


Be it known to All that the East Kingdoms Soothsayer's guild, having experienced a period of growth and expansion, and wishing to continue to serve Crown, Kingdom, and SCA through research and practice in the multivarious forms of historical soothsaying, submit this renewal of our charter first granted by TRM Fernado and Ianthe an ASX. Each member of the guild will be ranked as Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master Seer level in each discipline they undertake, including, but not limited to Astrology, Casting, Geomancy, Plamistry, and Scrying; all expressing interest in soothsaying are welcome as acolytes. The guild will try to have a deputy to the guildmistressin each region of the Kingdom to aid in promoting guild activities and making reports. By Virtue of this Royal Charter, signed by HRM Margarita de Siena in AS LIV we, the members of the Soothsayers Guild will continue to practice our arts ethically while abiding Kingdom and Known World laws. We shall singly and as a Guild avail our knowledge and skills to the Crown and populace of the East Kingdom. February 29th, 2020 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Let it be known that We, Fernando and Ianthe, King and Queen of the Eastern Kingdom, do hereby grant Our permission and approval for the formation of a Kingdom-wide Soothsayers' Guild, the purpose of said Guild being to encourage the study and practice of all Medieval forms of divination.

The Guild members shall share their knowledge of the history of various forms of saying Sooth and offer all other Guild members the service of teaching whatever forms of this Art in which they have sufficient mastery. Further, the Guild shall have in its possession a library of books dealing with the arts of sooth-saying which shall be open to all Guild members.

Guild members shall also agree to abide by a code of Ethics, to wit: that no member shall within the Guild or publicly encourage or in otherwise impose upon the attentions of any other members of the Kingdom any religious or occult beliefs or practices that they may personally hold and may or may not consider related to their saying of sooths; that no Guild member shall practice their Art for fighters before a Tourney or War on in any other wise make predictions that can affect a fighter's confidence and thereby unfairly influence his performance; that no Guild member shall lie about the portents they see through the practice of their Arts, but if they deem it wise to hide the hidden truths which they see, refuse to give a reading at all in certain areas under question.

The skills and talents of Guild members in the Arts of Soothsaying shall be at the service of the Crown, should Their Graces desire them and provided it is convenient to the guild members

Therefore, to the purpose of establishing this Soothsayers' Guild as an official Kingdom-wide Guild in the Eastern Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. we sign this charter.

Fernando Rex & Ianthe


  • Guildmistress: Mistress: Arastorm the Golden (Northern Region)
  • Deputy Guildmistress: TBD (Tir Mara)
  • Deputy Guildmistress: TBD Lady Hesychia of Ravensbridge
  • Deputy Guildmistress: TBD (Central Region)
  • Deputy Guildmistress: Lady Laurena Mouchot(Southern Region)
  • Deputy Guildmistress: Shae Rossi (Social Media)
  • Web Spinner: Mistress: Lady Elena Norreys

Past Guildmistresses: Lady Elena Norreys, Mistress Arwen Evaine ferch Rhys of Gwynnedd

More Information

The Soothsayers' Guild was chartered as a Kingdom Guild in A. S. XII and encompasses a variety of disciplines in the field of divination and prophecy.

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