Song of a Shield Bearer

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Robert Tytes has entitled this “Song of a Shield Bearer”

Hear now the tale of Kara Njalsdottir, and her prowess in the sword song.

To the southern edge she roamed, to prove who was most beastly,

With curved sword shining, her sharp claw cleaved through many foemen.

Her stout shield stood strong, bound barrier to passage against her.

Well she held herself, till up came Richard, a subtle and skillful foe.

A clash came from their blades, as sparks struck from the sword meet

Boldly Kara pressed her foe backwards, sword seeking his heart's blood.

But like a serpent striking, Richard’s rapier raked her at the leg.

Standing stolen from her, Kara crouched, her sword-board before her.

And Richard realized his folly, for a cut Kara was no less fierce a foe.

Then with taunting taps, Richard tested the warren warrior to no avail.

Girded with guile, Kara kept her foe at bay beyond the battle door.

Finally, filled with fierce fervor, Richard ran forward,

Hammering hard and high on Kara’s mind home

Long she stood behind her bastion, weathering weapon’s rain,

Till Richards rapier Pierced her heart’s hall, wounding her mortally.

Kara fell on that field, wound’s river wetting the battle reeds.

To Odin’s halls fierce fighter goes, worthy warrior rewarded.

But learn here from this tale of her battle and bravery,

That while the body may die, worthy wordfame will endure.